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Morbid? No!

While down in London to interview Bob Regan, I got the chance to get some of my old photos from my Dad’s house. These two seemed to resonate, as I realise that I’m getting old – my daughter just started school, for god’s sake… The first picture is of some of the estimated 6 million skeletons in the Paris catacombs; I really like this one because of the colours left as the water dripped across them for the last couple of hundred years.

paris skulls streaked with mineral colours RIP micheal aged 9 months - crudely made wooden cross in graveyard

I took the second one summer in a graveyard near my old flat. This roughly made wooden cross, barely taller than the grass, has “R.I.P.Michael 9 months” written on it with permanent ink. Who was Micheal? How did he die? Why no proper headstone? Who made this one?

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