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Song: “Silka, Wearing Fancy Dress”

Done with my band The Lucies. My ex and I had both been sitting there sadly having yet another end-of-romance post-mortem, and she said ‘When we were “in love”’, making little quote marks with her fingers. And that one hurt; not the love fucked up, but the denial that it had actually been real. What’s the point of hurt if it can’t be transmogrified into bitterness and then made into a song, hey?

Silka walks in those evenings When you feel like you’re still a virgin.
You don’t trust your feelings, Silka’s certain she’s hurting.
She is dressed in lace when she says, “Yes, yes, I will; of course I will, yes –
But if you feel the need to believe her, remember – Silka’s in fancy dress.

Silka in black satin, her long blonde hair in rich profusion;
Something useless happens, reinforcing stupid illusions.
And after all the sinful applause and your unsatisfying taste of success
Comes the knowledge of the flaws that you hate because they’re yours,
And in walks Silka in fancy dress.

Bejewelled in a shattered promise, she’s wearing fading fraying denim.
You’re pierced by inverted commas
that have appeared round the tales she’s been telling you for so long.
She’ll decree: “Everybody loves me, but it’s too late for you’ve already guessed
Underneath there’s nothing that’s real to see; Silka’s only fancy dress.
Really, she’s merely fancy dress.
She’s very nearly Silka, wearing fancy dress.

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9 Responses to “ Song: “Silka, Wearing Fancy Dress” ”

Comment by Silka

I was googling my name when I came across this song, it gave me chills, maybe just because my name is Silka, but good stuff, seriously.

Comment by bruce

Maybe I wrote it about you, hey?

(You don’t have a sister called Sian do you? A girl at university mentioned her sister’s name, Silka, and it stuck in my mind – so when I wanted a girl’s name for a song about clothing as a metaphor for disguise, my subconscious dragged out the name Silka.)

Comment by Silka

hey, I am ANOTHER Silka who was ALSO googling my name, and curiously read this page containing my name. when I read the comment I was stunned to see another Silka doing exactly the same thing! what are the odds of that?

Comment by Silka

Also Another Silka, this is pretty crazy. I didnt realize how many people had this name. Also googled to this site. Thanks for the song bruce!

Comment by SILKA

well well a song with my name i cant belive it especially since i cant even get a key chain w/my name lol but i tell you this i have more than just 1 dress hehe i wash there was a way 2 get this song on myspace page or some1 would write another song w/my name i really love my name dont you….. yea its awsome!!

ps i almost 4got “hi 2 all the other SILKAs” iVE never met another SILKA face 2 face i didnt think any1 else had the name. cool

Comment by Bruce

Silka, feel free to download the song and put it on your myspace page, but please post a link to your myspace here – I like to know what my songs are doing when they’re out there.

PS: I wrote the song about you.

Comment by Jason

wow im seeing this girl who has the name Silka

i am so glad to see there is other girls who are called silka

i will show her this song and hope she likes it 😀

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