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CSS utility wishlist

I hate having to think about stinky old IE and other browsers’ mangling of CSS and shouldn’t have to. I also can’t keep the myriad CSS hacks in my head for love or money, and shouldn’t have to.

So, wouldn’t it be great if there were a small program or Dreamweaver extension that will troll through your cross-browser, valid CSS once you’ve made your pages and verified their loveliness in Firefox, and then it would calculate and add the necessary IE box model hacks, be nice to Opera rules blah blah. Mostly, it’s a mechanical task that in no way involves creativity – only memory – and is thus ideally suited to a machine.

While we’re at it, wouldn’t it be great if the program also trawled through your page/ site and told you which CSS rules exist but are never applied. Great when you’re updating a site that you didn’t write.

And, what about if it could (optionally) intelligently combine rules to shrink the file. (I say optionally, as sometimes you want maximum readability at the expense of smaller files).

I’ve written to George Petrov, extension guru at DMXzone to request it, but don’t know if there’s a big enough market for a commercial Dreamweaver extension. Anyone know of such a utility? Do let me know!

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