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Holi- Holiday

Been away on my hols to sunny London for beer, family and mind-improving things
for Marina. So London Zoo, a city farm, the London transport system, and the
highlights: the Sutton
Hoo boat grave artefacts
(that I wrote a dissertation about many years
ago) and the excellent
3D exhibition of Egyptian mummies
at the British museum, in which you wear
3D glasses and go travelling inside a mummified corpse, courtesy of 3D technology
and MRI scanners. Of course, this lead to a series of questions: why do people
die? how old do people die? will I die, Daddy? that are tricky
to answer to a five year old. Or a 37 year old, come to that.

So, on returning home, my in-box was full of automatic failure notifications
from spam mails that I never sent. Someone is spoofing my return address to
sell the usual shit. If you’ve come here because you got a mail from someone
like offering you a pharmaceutical pyramid
scheme or the addresses of horny Russian ladies looking for marriage, it ain’t
here. Sorry!

Buy "Calling For The Moon", my debut album of songs I wrote while living in Thailand, India, Turkey. (Only £2, on Bandcamp.)

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