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I hate Christmas music

Now, I freely confess that I am a 100% bah-humbugger when it comes to Christmas, but xmas music still drives me wild with fury.

Confusingly, from an atheist who would rather get testicular leprosy than religion, the least offensive Christmas music that can be broadcast at you when you’re walking around the supermarket is traditional Christmas carols sung by proper choirs. This is relatively easy to blank out, being tuneful, quite gentle and thus eminently ignorable.

No, the xmas music that really raises my blood pressure the modern popular xmas genre. For one, it’s fabulously cynical; we can assume that the writers of Victorian carols at least believed what they were writing and genuinely wished goodwill to all mankind (except the females, colonials and workers, of course), but I can’t believe that Bruce Springsteen *really* felt much when he made his repulsive cover of "Santa Claus is coming to town".

Secondly, pop xmas stuff is too damn loud. I read somewhere that Slade’s contribution to this sorry genre was recorded during the summer. Noddy Holder’s fade out "IT’S CHRISTMAS" squawk is a fantastic impersonation of a pissed-up overly-sentimental Brummie on Xmas eve (and trust me, I’ve absolutely nothing against pissed-up Brummies), but it is an aural assault when tannoyed at me while I’m trying to get parsnips for Sunday lunch.

The very very worst example of the modern Xmas song is Lennon’s "Merry Xmas (War is Over)". This is a crime against humanity for several reasons:

The woman who sold me my cheese at the deli counter told me she was dreading next Saturday when "They turn on the Xmas music". I’m not surprised: when the U.S. played horrid music to Iraqi prisoners to break their will, Amnesty International were seriously concerned. They should visit Birmingham supermarkets. With earplugs.

(This post was written for the grumpy old people blog.)

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54 Responses to “ I hate Christmas music ”

Comment by Chris Moore

AMEN!!! I want to hear christmas music from December 24th all the way up to 11:59pm December 25th. Otherwise I DON’T WANT TO EVEN HEAR THE FAINTEST SOUND OF A CHRISTMAS SONG!!!!!

Comment by graham

i have to admit i am acold hearted person but only in a joking sense but i am serious when i say i hate xmas, all the family an realatives get together for one day and carry on with crap how wonderfull it is to see each other, drink too much eat too much, and play those bloody irratating xmas carrols, am happy to say i am getting out of xmas this yr has i am being allowed to pull a double shift at work, in close would just like to say STUFF XMAS


Comment by Maria

aww… 🙂 I’m a sucker for christmas music…all of it…I listen to it from december 26th, all through the year. It makes me happy. 🙂 Sure there are some of the newer crap pop christmas songs, but other than that, I’m game. I guess when some people smoke pot, I listen to xmas music. BTW I was here looking at your page on Jacobean Plays. Thanks!

Comment by TJ

OMG if my familyplays another F****** christmas song i swear ill find a shotgun and kill myslef i hate christmas songs

Comment by The Grinch

I hate everything about Christmas
I don’t like having a tacky plastic tree with a bunch of shit hanging off of it in the middle of my living room
And the real ones give me allergies and a headache
And what a shame to cut down a beautiful thriving tree for a month of life in your house
I hate red and green striped things
I hate pretending like I like my stupid ugly gifts
I hate everything about Christmas
If I didn’t have children
I wouldn’t even fucking celebrate it
I hate Christmas music
You know what the worst Christmas song is

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Comment by Suzi

I absolutely agree with the rants against shitty christmas music, i loathe the pointless happy clappy jingly shit, if i met noddy holder i just might have to kick him in the bollocks and scream CHRISTMAS IS SHIT in his stupid happy face!!!!
I’ve tried to get into this year i really have, walking endlessly round shops filled with tacky crap no one needs, ending up buying awful presents for people i don’t really like because i feel obliged to. I’m sick of being looked at like I’ve got 2 heads when I tell people I’m not a christmas person, we are all being taken for a capitalist ride they force us to spend and pretend we are happy to be spending on their crap!!!!!!!!!
As an end note if you hear about someone who has snapped mentally and has gone on a psychotic rampage in Woolworths it is probably me being confronted with another singing santa and his humourous swinging hips!!

Comment by Darrin

Thanks for a good laugh. You have no idea how much I needed it. Otoh, considering that you wrote the column, perhaps you do.(wry grin)

Comment by Frissi

I hate christmas cause it starts to early and its all thanks to the shops. The shops want to start in god damn October here in iceland.. not only the shops start advertising 3months before christmas the fucking radio channels begin playing those god damn commercial christmas songs in november! Why cant people make some new christmas songs. I work in a store and i am bombarded by endless covers by the same 5 christmas songs i want to slap my girlfriend when i pick her up after work when she turns on the radio and starts listening to the very same songs i had to tollerate for 10hours in that god forsaken store!

I would like christmas if it would last for 2days from 24-26 and if the radio would only play christmas songs on those two days !

Comment by vale

So I had to migrate to another country to escape the family christmas crap most people are subjected to such as having to spend the week from hell pretending to be enjoying the company of people one has been avoiding all fucking year (possibly because they get on one’s tits within 3 microseconds of seeing them)and yet when I proudly announce that mine is a xmas free household and that I will just enjoy the few days off work by doing as little as possible and by avoiding people and children in particular the “ohh but it’s xmas” starts and next thing I know (because they think that really I am looking for sympathy and companionship over the festive period) all these people end up inviting themselves over to mine (where I have to entertain them!), they help themselves to food and drinks I had bought for MYSELF ONLY!!! ME NOT THEM!!!! and also expect me to be grateful they “saved my xmas”!!!
NO!!! WRONG!!!They are the ones with a problem not me!!! Fuck off and leave me alone i do not want the stupid hat and stupid songs and your drunken stories…I WANT TO BE ALONE AND XMAS TWATS FREE!! I guess I could just put them all in a Saynsbury’s trolley and push them down the hill towards the river…there always plenty of drunken (lucky) accidents at xmas!!!!

Comment by Andy

what about the Wizard song? who wishes it could be Christmas every day? those opening bars of Slade turn me into Edvard Munch’s screaming head.then people put on stupid hats and pretend to be jolly-give me a break!

Comment by Juno

I was with you until you use the word, “twat”. Are you too young or out of it to know the meaning of the word. Is your site for white male whiney college students?

Sorry to point out the obvious. Christmas is about Christ’s Birthday. Scrooges — turn off your radio and stay out of the malls. Go celebrate something else.

Comment by Know All

Juno, Christmas as we know it was originally created as a bastardisation and conglomeration of numerous pagan winter festivals brought together by the early catholic church in their pursuit of control of the masses…

Nothing to do with the birth of a man two millenia ago…

Comment by Mat Terry

Too right that man! :O)

Xmas songs that get repeated every year just make me want to visit Heart FM etc. and shove the CD’s up the DJ’s jacksies.

These tracks are especially galling for me:-

1) Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”
2) Slade’s “Merry Christmas Everybody”
3) Wings “Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time”
4) Wizzard’s “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday”
5) ANYTHING by that tosser Cliff Richard

– and the one you already mentioned, that drivel by John Lennon.

Bah HUMBUG indeed!

Comment by Absurd Hero

(Hey Kevin – they still talk about the Black Death)

If you have seen through the naive and/or cynical social engineering that is known as Christmas then may I suggest something…


Try it my way before you knock it.

You will find it doesn’t hurt to ignore Christmas. Tell your friends!
Soon it will be nothing more than what it should be.

Just think – no more shite Christmas songs!

Comment by Jeff

There are certain relatives I’d rather not hear from at Christmas, because they ruined so many of the past Christmas holidays, so if I do hear from them this year, I have a wordpad document on my computer, in the largest, boldest all-caps lettering which says:




The characters in get the fuck out of here are in alternating red and green, and I will print this message in landscape format and send it to anyone I don’t want to hear from.

Comment by Richard

I just happen to be one of the unlucky suckers that works in a big box store this time of year. Over the past three years or so, I’ve noticed that Christmas keeps slowly creeping up on the last day of summer. What the hell happened to Fall? I thought for a while that I was alone when I developed a bad attitude about the Christmas season. Does anyone in those corporate meetings listen to Chrismas carols for three months of the year? Perhaps they should be listening to it in their offices all year round, then they can really be stoked for the the big commercial cash grab. Or perhaps it could be called something new like Cashmass, or Corpmass. Oh yeah what the hell day of the year is Christmas on anyhow? And is it called boxing day,week, or is it now going to be another month of the year so it can suck in New Years Day as well. Humbug

Comment by screaming skull

i fkn hate xmas too but this year im lucky as all the family are going to scotland to visit reletives and i got the house to myself so i can do as i want.i too also work for a large store. a..a i wish i could save all my holiday up and have the whole xmas off,how can they say “ooh you cant be off over xmas”isay bollocks,cos thats when i want my holiday entitlement.does anyone know if they can do this please let me xmas…

Comment by Juwlez

Living in the Middle East in an Islamic country one would think that xmas and all the nonsense that goes with it would not be in your face, but unfortunately that’s not the case …

Mall music is easily avoidable by just tuning the Ipod louder (never mind the numbness in one’s ears afterwards…)

However avoiding exposure of jingle bells at work is much more difficult as lovely ex – prat fellows of mine are making sure that no one can escape the annual season of merry misery by hiking up their beloved xmas Carol cds from 8 am til dusk…

This accompanied by annual singalong xmas carol sessions, secret santas, desk decoration competitions and compulsory xmas corporate do’s is really making certain that we all feel like we are home away from home.

Thank you so f…g much… Any more xmas emails and I will be looking into relocating to Mars.

All I want for xmas is — for it to be over asap!

Comment by Vale

HA, yet again i will try sticking to a household free xmas. that said I do want to enjoy the days off work. The fact that I refuse to decorate every single corner of every single room with tons of silver gold green blu and red plastic does not mean that I am refusing to be off work…yet that was not the case last year when I ended up working 23rd/24th and 25th last being the busiest day 99am to 1am following day!!! oh almost forgot NYE as well…how sad to be in the house with crappy telly, but really bad ’cause they don’t bother with good programs as they assume majority of people out celebrating!! AAARRRGH…anyway last year i swore not to repeat same mistake again (ie not taking laptop home, “sccidentally dropping mobile in the toilet/bathtub, shredder, under a truck..) yet before i know it it has hapened again!!! and this time the office will close for almost 3 weeks!!!21-6th and I am the only one that REALLY has to work!!!! NOOOOOOO again do loath Xmas, the fake love everyone seems to develop overnight, the pretense that they are all about giving and being nice and forgiving…so basically they yet again tell you that they are nice people implying at the same time that because one does not celebrate xmas that person is not really nice and virtuous -LIKE THEM! being the main point they try to get across ..every 5 mins. So I considered trying just to get them off my back and stopping them from coming to me every 5 mins going on about the xams spirit and all that (the only one I am familiar with being Vodka HA!), well at least I tried pretending to be all happy and cheerful and trepidant to see the Elf and Santa in the grottos in every sqare, carpark, field, Xmas market in greater london. I tried refraining myself from pointing out that even though the location was different it was the same(exsctly the same) stall run by the same people that would move around to all this locations because that is what they do!!! Surprisingly enough I kind of managed all this rather well (at least for me given my usual less than a nanosecond kind of patience) but i failed miserably, too big a hurdle for little already almost broken me presented itself on my path of becoming a really good actress or liar whichever..The girls in the office took it upon themselves to buy xmas tree decorations and plaster the office with those! NOOOOOO that was too much. being the office a open office I do not have a door to hide the shameful sight behind. I tried moving some filing cabinets to create a sort of trench but they are huge and full and would have taken me until next year to empty them and fill them up again, so I grouped all the plants in the office and line them up in front of my desk. So long as I sit down with the chair at lowest setting..really difficoult to type and looking real silly at least i could get on with my work without gagging at the site of the badly hanged £1.50 decorations. then one morning got to my desk and with horror which quickly subsided to give way to desperaton and suicidal thoughts in turn quickly replaced by the thought of”is it possible to torture someone for a wee bit with their cheap xmas decorations?” all because those evil evil accounts girls had put stuff on the plants I was using as shields but not only that, they had done it really really badly (same as the rest of the office mind you)yet funnily enough one of the plants especially like the exact visual rapresentation of how I see and percieve Xmas to be it also had something reminiscent of something out of the addams family house just in colour rather than black and white(which i think made it look worst!!!) the tree is a kind of palm thing so tall ans skinny with relatively few oblongate leaves. Naturally is not the “happiest” looking plant ever..but they had put this red thin and already scruffy almost naked / hairlesstinsle thing (so cheap it had already lost most of the “fluffy” things) and they had put this sad monstruosity to run the hight of the plant, not wrapped around the anorexic trunk of the poor plant, just habging from the top of the now sadder looking plant to fall straight (ish) down towards the floor, hanging like a rope off a window to that they had added some plastic gold pearls and bells chain thing which ran horizontally to the red tinsle, yet again not wrapped around plant just barely straight yet horizontal(as sustained by 2 leaves) like my grandmother 30+ years old linen line in the garden. Really sad yet so ironically spot on as a visualization of what i think xmas has become. all these people dressing up with bags and bags of presents drinking lots to forget at which long lost (for a reason!) relative they are at and whose house they unwillingly will need to go to next. To that (alcohol) usually follows a fight or argument of some sort that is unlikely to be resolved there and then or within that year and instead the grudge added to the baggage of “things such and such said or did” which will be put away and taken out again the next xmas….mind you the moaning and wingin and bitching does casrry on for the whole year. Why oh WHY!!! it is so nice to be in London at Xmas few people around it is the time of the year when you can actually take notice of how beautiful a city it is. As one does not have to stare at the pavement to avoid dog poos chewing gums, the odd beggar and the ankle and shiin killers (trolley luggages) for this once you can walk around and look up at the buildings, you can see roads and alleys their shape and character, also the people that you will meet are possibly those that like you are out there enjoying the city with the same spirit and sense of peace and tranquillity that ironically Xmas should rapresent yet of which it has become the absolute opposite. Stress, business running around, tension, greed disrispect for things people and anything that gets in yhe way of the supersmarket or shopping centre. The road rage escalates so quickly I only the other day experienced for the first time ever “PEDESTRIAN RAGE” as a man had a go at a middle aged lady for not launching herself in the middle of the road as soon as the traffic light turn amber for the cars..funnily enough he was fat enough not to be able to walk that fast and the old lady actually “overtook” him within 2 minutes!!HA HA What I am saying is that maybe we would not dislike and be so averse to Xmas if it was a time when everyone would makes a point of slowing down , take a deep breath and stop worrying about presents instead realize that the best xmas is the one with the nice mellow feel to it, spent with people that you want to spend it with without pressure and without having to live to other’s expectations. When parents will understand that to the child the Super toy does not matter much cause if they had to choose btween the toy or having parents or immediate family around instead the child would choose family.I know, i was there, i had no choice though. And Personally if i cannot get these things (and unfortunately I cant do the close family only thing (or the family thing for that matter!) I rather stay at home warm and cozy with nice b’fast lots opf tea, and few good long as for once I do not have to check the time every 5 mins because I need to be somewhere at that time, dressed in that way, pretending this and that. Nothing better than NOT HAVING to do ANYTHING unless you choose to and even then you can easily and with no worries and explanations change your mmind at the last minute! So I do like Xmas but the one done “my way”!

Comment by Kev Sink

Christmas is a joke. If you celebrate it you too are a joke. It would have some credability if it where ‘Celebrate Children Day’, I could deal with that. But it’s not. In 2007, in this western world of plastic useless shit. Here we are again. The world is not worth saving. This is what we have done with our chance. Press the button. Exterminate us. We really are not worthy.

Comment by Laura

I have parodied Cliff Richard’s dreadful dirge:

Depression and Grime
(A Parody Inspired by Mistletoe and Wine by Cliff Richard)

The turkey is burnt, and nobody’s learnt
That the whole malarkey is nothing but twaddle
Uncle Bert’s put his new socks in the bin
And Grandma’s on her third bottle of gin

Christmas time
Depression and grime
People arguing all the time
The Samaritans without a moment to spare
Time to get drunk to forget our despair

Your Granddad is arguing the toss with your mother
Your husband refuses to speak to your brother
The in-laws storm out, because the food is so dire
And the cat’s burnt his paw in the blazing log fire

Christmas time
It should be a crime
There’s nothing more twee than a pantomime
With debts on your store cards and fat round your waist
There’s absolutely no accounting for taste

Little Johnny wants to watch a repeat of Kojak
You don’t let him so he swallows a whole pack of Prozac
Young Sally won’t stop singing although she’s tone-deaf
And your mother’s thrown up over Great Uncle Geoff

Christmas is shit
It makes you fat and unfit
You get groped by some random drunken git
Auntie Rosemary’s dentures have fallen into the prawns
And you’re too broke to buy back that necklace you pawned

Christmas farce
Stick it up your arse
This and every year I will pass
Don’t be offended if I sound smug
I may be a Scrooge but it’s you who’s a mug

Comment by anthony

What pisses me off is greedy fucking shops selling xmas stuff in august jeez can they not wait till at least mid november.
As far as im concerned any shop that starts xmas stuff before november can fuck it self and not get my business.

Comment by possumqueen

I’m pissing myself reading that Xmas is just as buggering annoying across the pond as it is here in the good ol’ USA. Day 1….MOTHER HUMPING GD Christmas music is already blowing through the office all day. Seriously ALL DAY, already tired of it. I don’t know what is worse, the annoying chipper tunes, or the dirge like ones that make you think of your dead dad and cry all afternoon….who really needs to be forced to sit at their desk and hear “I’ll be home for Christmas….” at least eight times a day!!! Over here in the US every stupid pop crap star records these meaningless sentiments too, just like your wankers. ANNOYING!!! I’m sure Mariah Carey had lots of love in her heart when she recorded one of the most dreadful records of all time. Thanks for the laughs and a venue to vent…

Comment by Steve Farrell

I am also an American and I sought-out this blog after escaping from a hamburger joint that was blaring the most commercial of the Christmas songs. It’s only December 2nd and I already dread the long haul to the 25th. Over here in the states we also get assaulted by the endless parade of Christmas specials and Christmas Movies. One station runs CHRISTMAS STORY for 24 hours straight. I wonder if just the revenge religious people get against the rest of us because we won’t let them rant about religion the other 11 months of the year. I think only middle-aged women and children really like Christmas music.

Comment by Nick

A friend of mine reliably informs me that when he used to work for a major electrical retail outlet, when the store closed on Christmas Eve, the staff would hold a “ceremonial stamping” of the xmas tape. Every member of staff had a go at jumping up and down on it and kicking it around the car park.

Comment by Mary (no pun intended)

OMG I am the luckiest woman in the world – I married a man who hates Xmas just as much as I do. This Xmyth we will be doing fuck all! No presents, no crappy Slade, no tree, no revolting dry turkey and best of all no relatives who don’t bother to contact me or visit all year then suddenly decide to end me a card with “Jesus loves you” in it come December 1st the hypocritical wankers. No horrendous family lunch with an extended family who mean nothing to me.
We will be painting our living room and spending quality time with people and friends who mean something to us.

Comment by Cathy

Am so glad to find who think exactly the same as me. I work in a store and have got to the point where I think I would machine gun down any gospel choir who came near me. Is it a ploy to send us all insane, this endless Christmas muzak? I am not a Christian, but have no quarrels with folk who are.

Comment by Marcus

If I could spend the rest of my life poking fucking Cliff Fucking Christmas Music Fucking prick in the fucking eye for his fucking christmas music, with a needle, and torturing all the other wretched pissing pustules of jingle merchants, as well as their unholy fucking families, it wouldn’t even begin to quench my thirst for revenge against this, the fucking worst of the most heinous of human crimes. King Leopold? Genghis Khan? Like little bo peep and andy fucking pandy compared with the fucking fucking fucking c**ts who put this fucking shit on in the fucking shops every year. It’s time to get violent everyone. Go out and smash speakers over the heads of shop managers, cut pop ‘stars’ with broken CDs. Get violent. Smash shops, kill Cliff Richard. Bring him back to life and kill him again. Over and over again. KILL KILL KILL. KILL STATUS QUO. KILL MARIAH CAREY. KILL THE FUCKING COMPUTERS THAT REPEAT THE FIRST LINE OF JINGLE BELLS OVER AND OVER AND KILL ONE STUPID CHRISTMAS MUSIC PLAYING ARSEHOLE FOR EVERY FUCKING REPETITION OF FUCKING JINGLE SODDING ARSING FUCK BELLS. FUCK THEM. KILL THEM. FUCK THEM. KILL THEM AGAIN.

Comment by Tiado

I came across your site when I googled “I hate christmas music” and it’s nice to see others who share my sentiment.

Over here on the other side of the pond the stores and malls all started their pop Xmas music crap since before the end of October and even then it was already starting to make me twitchy. Now as of December 1st the stores have really stepped up their pop Xmas music crap campaign. Since that date one of the local radio stations has gone pretty much 24/7 pop Xmas music crap, where pop covers of the same GD five Xmas songs are played in nauseating rotation. If that isn’t bad enough, I can’t even turn on the TV now without being bombarded by Xmas specials on nearly every channel, and the commercial ads are even worse.

If electronic media isn’t doing Xmas ad nauseum, I get tons flyers coming in the mail all hawking cheaply made plastic crap all for the overly commercialized and banstardized Xmas holidays.

I can’t wait until it’s over.

Comment by Arthur

“I don’t do christmas” Easy as that. No need to get stressed like everyone who is writing in this thread to express all the disgust, dispair and frustration that seizes the unwary beginning in October and building to a crescendo about now. Like a switch, either you do, or you dont. Switch off from christmas. Rise above the hysteria. Liberate yourselves. Enjoy a sense of superiority if you will, above the poor suckers who fall victim the charade, those who queue in droves to be willingly ripped by rampant exploitation of the vulnerable. Take pride in your resilience. Consider yourself succsesfully vaccinated against this recurrent disease. Your mind is free, and that is something really worth celebrating. Be proud of yourselves.

Comment by Dreamer

I too absolutely hate Xmas music cheese…Absolutely irritating & horrid depressive crap! Here in OZ ‘Pop’ Star Delta Goodrem has also packed into the $XMas Pop depressive cheese soup, offering a XMas concert on 6th Dec in Sydney…Eek! I think of writing letter to her as well, I love pop too, but I believe artists creative energies would be far better spent in writing new songs for the next album, than doing the zillionth version of Jingle Bells & co, and quite probably Sony Music pressing for an XMas album as well. I’m a Mariah Carey fan too, but just refuse to buy the crappy XMas album, LeAnn Rimes too…Similar cheese to Mariah, and it goes on and on. I somehow perceive that this utter XMas pop crap is ‘forced’ by those those $Record Companies’ execs even if it is against the artists will (I read the structure of typical label contracts online somewhere, and can only think, poor artists, they hardly have any rights at all!)…Real disgusting yes, total $commerce! I feel for the poor artists, but not for the filthy ‘corrupt’ cooperates who force them to do such crap, just $$$$, real sad but true. I wondered no-one mentioned ‘LAST CHRISTMAS’ by WHAM…Every year its on, so rotten depressing, eek! Asides staying away as much as possible in these coming months…I decided to find enough Techno, Rave, Trance, Hard-House & Hard Trance Music as possible so I don’t hear anything of this horrid depressing/irritating XMas Pop cheese!

Comment by sp

Great the fucking greedy shops have started advertising xmas from 8th october can these fucking greedy morons wait until at least mid november i cant be arsed with xmas in october.
As far as im concerned im going to do a hate list and each shop that starts xmas in oct i will boycott it when the event starts in dec!
If every1 did this these fucking shops might get the message and who knows may even strt it in december!

Comment by Vaex

I work at a bank, today was the day the music was switched to Christmas. All the music is bubble gum pop, Christmas make-over shit! I walked over to the control switch and turned it down, as soon as this action was complete I felt a true inner happiness, my ears and mind were in a state of zen. As soon as I sit down Miss Chubby Claus ran(Imagine a very chubby middle sectioned lady, dressed in red Christmas garb/bells running) to that knob to only twist it with such force to over pot the speakers by +100bd, stating it’s Christmas time “Get some Christmas spirt”…. How is it chrismas time? Pretty damn sure I have not even finished digesting turkey from thanksgiving! This is truely my hell! We have a suggestion box and Im flooding it with comments such as “Christmas music in November SeRiOuS?!?, TURN DOWN THE XMAS MUSIC”. Hopefully someone heeds my pain!

Christmas Music EPIC FAIL

Comment by To Juno

Juno, Bruce here is probably a Brit or british person if you will. They’re like Americans only different, in the Britianian language the word “twat” is the close similar to the American-erian word “vag” or vagina if you will… But the exact similar in refering to John Lennon in both countries is = or > than the female genitals. I know it seams in the USA we only speak American but on the World Wide Web it’s a free for all… So expand you knowledge. For knowlege is the key!

Comment by NuddRucker

Lets see, i’m currently listening to a song entitled ‘The Time To Kill Is Now’ and feel perfectly normal but the second i hear even one f***ing bar of any christmas crap i decend into a wild rage and desire to run people down in my car. As far as i can tell this is a common response to christmas crap and i beleive the music poses a serious threat to mental health. Ban it now before somebody gets hurt.

Comment by Web Design Cornwall

Yea im with you on Christmas music. They started playing it on Radio1 before December. Its almost put me of Christmas…Lets keep the music to a week before christmas only to save my sanity!!

Comment by Marie

I’m sitting here laughing inwardly so hard I have tears in my eyes, and I have to hold it in because my husband and kids will want to know “what’s so funny?” and I cannot show them this page – beyond the fact you use the word “fuck” in every other sentence; I have to hide my cynical side.

I am a Christian; I love Jesus Christ. That’s not the problem. The problem is that I hate Christmas, HATE Christmas music; hate the fakeness and a thousand other things about the 3-month holiday of dread that you all have so eloquently expressed above.

Now, I have a problem, as stated above: society demands that I be all happy-clappy and pretend to love “The Season” – society including church people. My conscience bothers me that I’ve never been into Christmas, and it actually DEPRESSES me. I try to force myself to like it and act like it means something to me and be thrilled that my husband of 14 years gave me penguin socks with toes. In a rare moment of cynicism, I surfed in here and depression dissipated – into laughter.

‘K, I’ve calmed down now. Out of danger from them asking me what I’m snickering about here on the couch.

Great post!!!!!!

Comment by cinderkeys

I think I’ve just had my last skirmish with Christmas music for 2009.

I was raised Jewish, so I feel no guilt about ignoring Christmas. However, if you feel guilty, just remember: Jesus was probably born in the spring anyway. Christmas as we know it was invented by some pope a thousand years ago to help convert the pagans who celebrated Saturnalia and the like. 🙂

Comment by Robert

I so hate crappy commerce $XMas…This rotten depressing junk started late August in OZ, crazy! Shallow commerce, now its near Halloween and its in full bloom everywhere, eek…Quite probably soon they will start blasting the rotten depressing $XMas Pop cheese too (Ohhh Mariah soon with another load of utter depressing $Xmas Pop cheese CD out…eek! ~ She sold her soul to the soulless masses ($commerce$) quite long while back…yuck!)…Gotta find music and places to escape such utter depressing hell!

Comment by Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis

So true! I can’t stand Xmas. It’s one steaming pile of commercial crap. Marketing… displays… the music everywhere to “get people in the mood to spend.” There’s nothing Christian about Xmas except that they adopted a pagan holiday, so as an atheist, feel free to celebrate the solstice. 😉 I guarantee you it would come with better music though.

We don’t each other presents (we have what we need already). We don’t put up a tree (which makes mom sad the years she visits). Last year, we didn’t decorate our house (required by our community). We told them we were “being green”. We’re considering putting a buddha or menorah in the window this year, then maybe they’ll leave us alone.

Bah humbug. 🙂

Comment by Groucho and Lovin' It


Stephanie, your community requires that you decorate your house? Where do you live? Santa’s Village? Evangie-town? That’s messed up.

Comment by Matt

What your problem?! Dissing Lennon, it’s actually guite easy to live by those lyrics. War is Over if you want it. It’s that simple, they ovbiously dont want it, so they will obviously pay the consequences. Bring the troops home and stop this nonsense ‘war’ on ‘terrorism’. The biggest terrorists are the U.S.A army

Comment by Robert

Juck despise depressing cheesy $Xmas songs…It looks like its just a matter of days till they start blasting it in shops, malls etc. Going to listen to trance, techno etc all the time, blot the irritating/depressing cheese out, boah!…Can’t stand this so depressing $Xmas pop cheese…Including that awful depressing 80’s song by Wham ‘Last Christmas’ *vomit* :(((((

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