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In Praise of Coffee

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indian coffee house, trivandrum While doing some work, I came across another coffee aficionado, Sergio Villarreal who writes “Black coffee should be strong. bitter and threaten your tongue with permanent damage. It should fume and when you get close to it, inspire respect. Throwing it on your lap should spell doom and second degree burns at the very least.”

I agree totally – and will go even further, to say that coffee with milk is evil – and putting sugar in coffee should be punishable by death.

The best coffee I ever tasted was a wonderful relief after couple of months in mountainous North India, where the only hot drink you could get was an abomination called "chai". (This revolting concoction was made with cold water, tea leaves, sugar and condensed milk mixed together and then boiled, with a pinch of cardomam added. Disgusting.) But in the South of India there was a chain called "Indian Coffee House" where you could get a cup of strong, black, bitter coffee for 2 rupees (a 4 pence). Here’s a (bad) photo of the Indian Coffee House, Trivandrum – a cool spiral building where we’d eat our breakfast every morning. I also liked the Coffee House in Calcutta University where my brother and I would lurk in the vain hope of getting together with engali student girls. The triumph of hope over experience, enhanced with a caffeine rush.

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Comment by Allison Baker

I noticed that you visited Calcutta and have many interesting photos on your website. I am interested in a photo of The Indian Coffee House on College Street. There are many inside photos of the coffee house, but I am specifically looking for one of the exterior and I thought perhaps you might have one in your collection. I am a college student at Syracuse University and I am in need of this photo for my summer internship project. Thank you for any help you may have or know where I could get such a photo.
Allison Baker –

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