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Odd Jobs: Bollywood movie extra

There was a post on Molly’s blog about weird jobs. Here’s mine.

My brother and I ended up in Bombay on our round the perimeter of India by train trip, and saw an ad for Extras to play British soldiers in a Bollywood movie “The Mahrajah Ranjit Singh” to be filmed on location in a park. Transport, food was provided – and the pay was 200 Rupees a day (approximately £4 – big money for India).

It wasn’t the money that attracted me, though – anything that might get me the slightest opportunity to hook up with Madhuri Dixit, star of that year’s blockbuster movie Hum Aapke Hain Koun seemed like a good idea to me. So my brother and I signed up and the next day at 8 a.m. a battered minivan came to collect us and a dozen other bleary-eyed backpackers and took us to Sanjay Gandhi National Park in North Bombay.

It quickly became apparent that Madhuri was unlikely to put in an appearance. This was a low-budget, straight-to-video affair – so low-budget that there was only one camera. In the middle of a fight sequence, the director would shout “cut” and all the actors would freeze while the camera was hurriedly set up in a new position to get alternative camera angles.

The motley crew of backpackers were required to represent the entire might of the British army (to be single-handedly vanquished by the eponymous hero). As fifteen men doesn’t really adequately conjure up the Imperial power of the British, we were told to march in a circle and, once we disappeared behind the camera, new props were pushed into our hands, wigs and false moustaches hurriedly applied so that, when we re-emerged in front of the camera we looked different. It was a great day, certainly my weirdest ever job, even though I never got to meet Madhuri. Yet.

me as Brit solder and clapperboard guymy brother being made upmy brother and I relaxing after a hard scenegetting into my role, darling

I was also English tutor to the Thai Princess’s daughter.

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127 Responses to “ Odd Jobs: Bollywood movie extra ”

Comment by Lee Taylor

could you tell me how to go about becoming a movie extra. i am very intrested in trying to join the bollywood scene.
thank you.

Comment by Pratima

Dear Bruce,

I would like to work as an Executive Secretary for any bollywood stars, what should I do to get this job? Please advise me


Comment by sukanta

could you tell me how to go about becoming a movie extra. i am very intrested in trying to join the bollywood scene.
thank you.

Comment by Vinit Fernandes

Hi ,
I am Vinit Fernandes from Mumbai(India).I am intrested to become an actor in any film or television industry.Can you help me to do so.

Comment by anish




(maY 02 1986)

Comment by Never you mind

Hi everyone… I think it’s really funny you are asking this guy all these questions. He only played an extra in a low budget film and that was almost a year ago!!

I have been playing an extra in Bollywood films for a few months. I have been in 3 major features films and they have more than one camera LOL.

I have seen actors like… Arjun Rampal, Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Jackie Shroff, Paresh Rawall, Priyanka Chopra, Arbaaz Khan, Anil Kapoor, Preity Zinta and Lara Dutta [so far]. And I should soon meet Salman Khan, John Abraham and Abhishek Bachan…Damn I can’t wait. I also have contact details for 2 Assistant Directors, Assistant producer and art assistant. I’m sorted!!

Cool huh?

Comment by faisal khan

i would like to take part i movies but i want to try and do more than an extra, anything you can help me with?

Comment by Sanju

i want to come on film side so pls give me one chance …. i can act or sing well…. so pls wht should I do…………….

Comment by jay d

lisen mate,i am a british born indian lad frum birmingham,not bein offencive or nuffink bt ur chatting outta ur arse.u cnt get no one tp become nuffin in bollywood,so stop bludy givin em hope cos dem lot want it seriously.ur a twat

Comment by Bruce

jay d – I don’t want to be offensive, either, but – like all the others here who ask how to get into Bollywood – I wish you’d use your fucking brain, you idiot. I have no idea how to get into Bollywood. I’ve said that repeatedly, but “dem lot” want everything handed on a plate, and so, like you, they don’t READ the article they’ve found through a web search.

Oh, and learn to spell. You twat.

Comment by John D

Bruce — your years-old Bollywood page that still gets posts is very funny, but I also wanted to let you know that the spooks moved the CIA World Factbook, so your Yemen link is broken (who’da thunk it? You and Nasim Hamed, the crazy lightweight pugilist from Sheffield, born in the same country!).

The Yemen link, specifically, is here:


Comment by jayd

lisen u fuckin bruce twat wanker gud for nothin peice of shite.why dont ya just just stop ur website u white fucking 21 gt a bmw four bed house in richmond.ur the biggest looser or shud i say sucker i have ever seen.

ur a wanker and u knw u r.

Comment by Rhiannon

Hi Bruce,
mmmmm i found your story very inspiring and the photos very funny.
I look forward to my travels in the crazy, exotic and magic india.
thanks for sharing your story and photos.
regards Rhiannon

Comment by sabrina

hi im sabrina
i want to be an actress. i dream about being an actress and working in bollywood.
that’s what i hope for!!

Comment by sajed

I want to act in bollywood flims becouse i looking not bad……… how i can do this plz any director help i live in Malaysia.

Comment by ritu babbar

i live in uk nd im a student i study in a high school
i reli wanna cum into da bollywood industy nd experience it if u hav ny role just email me nd il be dere

Comment by linda

hi bruce

I really want to be an actress of BOLLYWOOD, it’s my dream.
I come from France but I learn the Indian language because i love.
plzz help me!!
you are my only chance….

Comment by naresh

hello, bruce
i want make a movie in bollywood,
can you any help me,its was my super
action movie.
please contact me


Comment by Jackie Goodin

Hi.. I am a 46 year old female, with a dream to be an Film Extra. I live in France and would like some advice about how to become one. Please, Please help.

Frustrated could of been!!

Comment by Hileen

Hello my name is HIleen I am 14 years old I am from Iran I live in Nashville TN USA. I have a dream of someday becoming an Bollywood Queen The next Rani mukerjee or the Next Preity Zinta. I don’t speak much hindi But I am trying to learn. Please help get to my dream This is the only thing I got in my life that will make me happy getting my dream to come true someday.

Comment by raju sinha

i want to became a director .for that i heve to start as ast. director in tv or films .i have a theatre background.please guide me.

Comment by Shantanu

I want to get into bollywood industry as an actor.
How can i start my career?.Do yo have an idea, how I can achive my goal?

Comment by Danish

Hay, I want to became film director and scriptwriter. could you please help me to became.

Comment by rajan

hi i am film director student i have 3-4 film scripts ready
i want producer for that can u give me some contacts.

Comment by sahna

i wona become a bollywood actress i dont now how to become one can you help me im 17 years old my dream is to bee a actress plz help me

Comment by uk chilli

Bolly Idol – wanted Bollywood dancers and performers – Sheffield auditions – UK wide

TV talent shows abound but Bolly Idol is a project with a difference!

Designed by Bollywood actors Bolly Idol is a direct response to the changing face of
Asian filmmaking. Bollywood now recruits its performers from the full spectrum of cultures across the globe. Its decision to move its International Awards Ceremony off-shore and onto a wider stage is a response to this. This year the International Indian Film Academy’s awards take place in June in Sheffield Yorkshire.

Bolly Idol is a project led by UK Chilli and Sheffield Independent Film – a UK wide search for performers in the film and theatre audiences. Entrants will be auditioned by professional directors and producers. Successful performers will be invited to join the Bolly Idol agency and appear in the UK Chilli production filming in September 2007. The overall winner of the audition cycle will also receive a VIP invitation to the IIFA Awards ceremony in June.

For more information please contact

Comment by Tara

This is classic!

What are some of these people on? Can they not read? As for Jayd, you tosser..

Good one Bruce

Comment by priyank

i want to meet hritik,priety,saif,rani,salman,akshay,katrina.
i wish if u help me out to meet& talk to all of them.

Comment by mudassirnawaz

hello ,this is mudassirnawaz muslim and im from pakistan iwant to act in any film or drama pleaze sir give me one chance then i show my act and my selfbest this is my dream please sir give me one chance

Comment by shaikh jilani

hi i am jilani freom mumbai i want to join bollywood xx and xxx movies i want to work in that movies pls help me out ok bye

Comment by shamie

hey what da hell is going on in here man? y ol u peeps fucked in the head for? i totali agree wit Jayd as a matter of fact Bruce ure just FUKIN LOSER and a PERVERT y dont u just go swing on ure mama’s tits like u olways do….
Fuck off
Ma mate is an bollywood actor hes called Shahid we met in london couple of years back and hes going out wit dis indian actress called Kareena dont know if u guys know her. so i kno da full story in how u can get into bollywood actin not dat am intrested, but just to get u sad fukers off mailing dat kunt Bruce!

Comment by Bruce

Like it, Shamie! Glad to see that, like Jayd, you’re working on your self-esteem issues. He’s glad to tell us that he’s got a house and a car, you’re happy to tell us that you actually know some real Bollywood actors that no-one’s ever heard of!

Sadly, your self-esteem is so low, you think that their success makes you somehow appear more successful. Hilarious!

Your spelling is equally terrible, though. Maybe you should retake year 10 and pay some attention this time?

Comment by Assitacne Lyrics

my name is sayyed sajid and i have created many hindi songs and i want to try in films as a assitacne lyrics

Comment by USMAN

Hi ,
I am USMAN KHAN from Riyadh ( K.S.A )but now adays i’m in Lahore (PAKISTAN).I am intrested to become an Singer or Actor in any film or television industry.Can you help me to do so.

Comment by haider ali

i m ali if you have any job for bollywood or hollywood and they need extras so please give me a chance and i have a experience for this job and i done this job before i m in flim GOAL and SHOOT ON SIGHT

Comment by Prashant

Hi ,
I am Prashant from Bangalore(India).I am intrested to become an actor in any film or television industry.Can you help me to do so.

Comment by sachin

i am sachin from mumbai .i am intrested to act in any film or television .can u give me audition time and date
or give me information the audition for balajitelefims

Comment by Sajad

my name is sajad..I am really intrested in acting..I am ready to come for the audition anywhere it is..I dont know what are the requirements..I am willing to give further information about me if you are intrested..Please do contact me.
Thank you

Comment by stephanie

hi there i was wondering if you had information on how to get in to bollywood films im scottish and im 19 can u hel me plz

Comment by Derek

I’m going to India next year and I read in a book that they get Europeans to act as extras in movies so I typed ‘Bollywood jobs’ into google and your page was like the third on the list that came up. I’ve been pissing myself reading all these comments. Some people really can’t read. Anyway the question I really wanted to ask is… you get me job on boolywood movei? it be my greatish dream wush!

Comment by Dharmendra choudhury

Hi,i am very much interested in acting ,i dont have much experience in acting but iam confident that i can do.I am a retail professinal now.
Please tell me what should i do.

Comment by Ahmad Zeya

Hi Mr,BL im a Writer n i have been writen two story which,s in tow lounguge Enghlish n Urdo n keep it with my self n i want to present my stores as a movie for poeple n my self wana be acting on that, my stores r real stores that,s all. I want ur help i hope u help me by.

Comment by Pankaj mahajan

I am Pankaj Mahajan from Chamba(Himachal Pradesh).I am intrested to become an actor in any film or television industry.If you give me a chance I will prove myself.

Thanx & Regards
Pankaj Mahajan
Contact No 09816306441


I want work in film industres like a sutable job & sutable work plz sugesst contac no 9823019502

Comment by allyson

chill guys… this is allyson it has been a year im m into bolywood. i have not become a big filmaker yet i m a short film director i have worked with production houses as creative and assistant director for three movies til now.i ve recently opened my production company with my team. ive ben readings all these things,… see the point is not who is right or wrong.the point is y u people r hyped so much about bollywood .being an extra in a film is not a big thing.n not even tat hard to become. if u really have the passion n want to make a career in films go through the right way. come to mumbai find the right coordinators and go through the right channel. but 1st of all ask ur self tat u really want to do this n if u have it in u no one can stop u.when i started i researched a lot to find the right aim is to become a big film director i have my team where everybody is passionate bout their work. if u want to come only for fame than dont come in this line. but if u have the passion u r invited. i dont blame bruce or anybody but ull need to understand wat u want. nyways tc nbest of luck to making is not a joke its a serious business like any

Comment by satya

hi, this is Satya from New Delhi I am a script and story write also I compose songs if I get a chance I can proof myself as I have played many times on stage in theatre.

Comment by Tasnima

hey i live in london and i am 14 years old i want to be a bollywood actress one day i just love bollywood!!!!!!!!can you give me any ideas of how to satrt plz????????send me a message back to my email address plz????????thank you!!!

Comment by ujwal

hi.this is ujwal.i have worked in some small serials in bangalore…..all my life i wanted to be a good actor.plz.plz……..give me a chance to act in bollywood..please please reply…… my id

Comment by morrison

Unless you are the most incredible looking man or woman your chances of hitting the big time are about a million in one chance. Thats if you can infact even act as well.
Stop dreaming and get a real job. Dont waste you entire life on thinking your going to make the ‘big time’.
PS) If woman are stupid enough to send Bruce naked pictures of themselves – why should he refuse?

Comment by zoher zaveri

i want to work in any movies or any advertisment as extra i had lastestly worked in jodh akbar.

Comment by DANISH

Dear sir,

i want to be a part of bollywood family.i want to do job & study.i am single male 19 years old boy.i have done FSC (premedical).i am ready to do any kind of role in film.i have no any experience of modeling, acting.but,i have a spitite to do all that under your kind cell number is 0092-0300-7665257 residential number is 0092-041-2656194

Comment by zee shan khan

dear sir i really like to talk to you or email me. as i work very hard and and my life time goal is to be a famous star as i believe i can be one. any way you can call me i’m in scotland. 0141 5691037 or email me asap. thank you.

Comment by ajay thakur pathania

hi sir iam a stuntman &from 5years iam working for bollywood i worked with great action dir like alen amin,verma bro,abbas ali,etc but sir i want to become an actor iam 21 ,5,11hight,&look smart.i have quited stunts,&have started my straggling for an actor.what should i do.[i dont want to become an extra].ihave worked as an actor for some tvsrls,but iaim high & ihave the me out sir



Comment by nawed

hi i m 22 m from nasik i m good looking slim like a cute boy i want a chace in boolywood or tv serial(only star network)my no 9270463669 / 9892673841

Comment by sharine

hi my name is sharine and i live in malaysia.
I am intrested to become an actres in any film or television industry.If you give me a chance..


Comment by Abuzer khajawi

i would love to act in indian films. I 16 years old live in UK and can speak a good hindi, it took me around three years to learn and now i can speak fluently. I am good looking, smart and i have performed many acting roles in school. EXPERIENCED. If SOMEONE THERE TO HELP ME I WILL BE VERY KIND TO HIME. THANKYOU

Comment by patel

hye man, wazzaa?
actually m planing to make a movie, but i need some directors’ help ,who can make for me…
can u plzz help me out?

Comment by Blair

Unbelievable! I mean, who needs Bollywood when you have pure entertainment such as this. You can’t write stuff like this. Complete with chavvy phoenetic dialogue a la Irvine Welsh and nubile illiterate would-be ingenues mailing in camera phone pics to a opportunistic prankster with more cheek than “Assomatic Magazine.” (Is it just me or did I not even see an address provided for such a missive.)

If I knew blogging innocently would have provoked such blatant and hilarious ineptitude, I would have told my story about giving Rob Reiner some change back in Starbucks for his grande Thai skinny latte to see if people would send ME money to get them into HOLLYWOOD!!

You go Bruce!!!

Comment by jyoti sharma

hi i am 18 years girl from india itself and i stay in kolkata its my real dream to be an actress and however i want to come in bollywood industry.So plese suggest me a way how can i start my career in bollywood.

Comment by Gurda

Dear Bruce,
I am writing to you in the hope that you may share with me your extensive list of “bollywood pornographers currently recruiting”. I have always held a keen interest in this industry and would greatly appreciate any help you can give in obtaining further roles.

I am sending you some sample from my portfolio.

I will be very grateful for you asistants
I love you long time!

Comment by narges

this is nice site , my name is narges , im from iran , but i like indians ,coz indian are sensate and kind and like to do artwork in india. i will come india if i find a nice job. can help me?


Comment by Rahuldev

hi my name is Rahul dev,iam from Hyderabad.iam very much intersted in acting.plz try to give in an opp.i will wait for u r mail1

Comment by Gillander Rai

Most highly regarded Bruce sir,

I am finding myself having to apologise for the posters on your most esteemed webbing log. These peoples are surely a product of our badly schooling system and are unable to read and write like what I can. They are most surely to be pitied as they are certainly completely illegitimate.

My most revered father was most insistent on us learning the three Rs as a priority (Reading, Rugby and Raita recipes) and it has stood me in the very good stance.

It is clearly obvious that you were a mere porn in the big Bollywood Brickbuster in which you graced your presence, and have no more chance of entering into others in the Movies than selling Chapatis in B&Q.

I surely hope this my minor commentribution is the last to say on such matter as this and I am not to presume to ask your greatness for anything doing with Bollywood. I am tavailling at a sausage factory in Wolverhampton on the stuffing line. Any chance of an promotion to pies?

Comment by Rahim

Hi Bruce,

How u been?

I would be glad to do roles in movies
Have done some stage roles(skits/plays)

U send me ur email ID
And i can send u my photos, do let me know how we can start-up

Comment by Himanshu Rai

Dear Bruce

I have experience as an Associate Director, I just came back to India and looking for a project in Indian Film Industry, could you please help me.

Himanshu S.Rai-Mechanical Engineer-Associate Director

Comment by Sunny

for u all who want to join the bollywood film industry, i can give u a email id, from model-coordinators .

he is a associate cum casting director in bollywood movies.

try ur luck there

Comment by Gurdaas man

Dearest Brucelawson sir,
a thousand good mornings to you !
I hope you are finding yourself very well.

I wish to add my story so that others might be inspired as I was ,to pursue this marvelous acting dream.

I read your blog and was very much reminded of my own humble beginings,like you I was plucked from the ranks of obscurity and thrust before the gaze of millions.At the height of my career ,I clearly remember the thrill of seeing my left arm for aproximately 1 second after spending two days filming for the popular English detective series “inspector Morse”
Obviously this was nothing compared to the thrill of being paid 50 Great British pounds per day,(some 10+
years ago).

It is great to see that your experience has inspired so many young hopefuls.
Sadly my face will never reach the Bollywood screen as I am hideously ugly and the years are advancing with the speed of broadband !

Thankyou once again for transporting me back to my youth.

Comment by moiz khan

i m in london uk,if u have any roles for me plz kindly inform me in london,i m 5 9 fair n good looking,moiz

Comment by adeola

am adeola from nigeria i am an upcoming film director i want to come over to u guys to train me and i dont kn ow i to get to u i want u to help me

Comment by Roy

Hi Bruce,

I was just looking for some producers who are into making porn sex movies and i found yours. I am from mumbai and looking for a role as a male actor in adult xxx films. I had my ready content which i have sendt to US but it was too expensive travelling till there, so i gave up. ig you have any opportunities then kindly do let me know. My email address is and mobile is 9224148932


Comment by Ravi

Hi Bruce,

I am interested in getting into in acting xx or xxx movies, can you please help in this regard. I stay in bangalore, please mail me

Comment by Jigar Soni

I want to act in bollywood for a supporting role.what i have to do for.Or in telefilms.pls.suggest me.

Comment by kiran kothmire

Bruce Lawson sir,

i have great “Kalyug” Film Story .this Story is Reality Public Life and Effect to people Mind. What are
Doing People, more increasing sin, and result is “End OF Earth” This Story Name is “End OF Earth”

Comment by Nikky

Hello Bruce…
Hope ur doing well…
I am 19 and live in Toronto, Canada
I would love to be in bollywood doing any type of acting… I am great at it and am also very beautiful…
Many people tell me to take use of it but it’s hard to get out there and get noticed!
So if you can, Please help me…It would be greatly appreciated…
Hope to hear back from you soon…
Take care

Comment by Nikky

Hi again Bruce…
Hope you’re doing great…
Sorry I missed the instructions and understood them except one part…
My last name starts with an A… so does that mean I cannot be a candidate?
I hope not:(
Anyway, I have sent my picture to your e-mail address…( Hope you get the chance to see it soon…
Take care…

Comment by Nikky

Sorry to bug you again Bruce but the e-mail address I tried to use for sending you my picture didn’t work so can you please let me know at what e-mail address I can send it to you… Thanx!

Comment by susar sundaray

hi my self susar sundaray ,i have intrest in acting in bollywood film industry ,my mob no-09937620704 ,thanks

Comment by David

What an entertaining ten minutes I’ve spent reading this load of twaddle from a bunch of disillusioned, misguided, illiterate idiots..It’s surprising how some people in their desperate attempt to aspire to fame and fortune will go to such lengths as to put you Bruce on such a pedestal,from your humble beginnings as an extra in a low,low budget ‘nothing’ to your remarkable ascension to movie mogul with dubious links to the porn industry.
If I were you,I’d keep a low profile for a while,as one day in these people’s enlightened futures, while using their initiative, may actually condescend to read these comments from the beginning and realise what you really are,someone who was once an extra in a Bollywood film and posted a blog about it….your head could be rolling!I doubt it some how.Do you think if I create a website stating that I was once kissed a politician’s daughter I may one day become Prime minister?!All replies to……
P.S jay d: Before submitting any more comments to this blog,can I suggest you brush up on your literacy skills,’street talk’is so difficult to comprehend and takes twice as long to read,.. there a good boy!

Comment by Zee

Dear Sir (Bruce)

I am interested becoming an actor as a hero. I am fromt he UK born and bread here. i want to become an actor like how katrina kaif from the UK became an actress i want to do the same and become an actor. I hope u can help me alot and give me a shortcut in getting to star a bollywood movie and drama episodes too. Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

Comment by Ahmed shah

Hi, Bruce…me AHMED SHAH from colourfull city of Pakistan…ITS LAhore. I am 24 of age and fully capabale to work as an actor in bollywood also a model and have some of my good photoshots..plz if u consider my rquest then i will send u some of my pics…waiting for ur reply…kindly contact me through my e-mail…
thanks waiting for ur reply….

Comment by kunal sood


I have hindi movies stories i want to sell this stories to a hindi film director.can u help me regarding this . actually i want to become a writer and wanted to give my stories to the film industry. you can contact me through my email id

Comment by robert jain

hello i have story for best actor, my story hit hit hit super hit. i am finding chance,
my no:9990742449

Comment by kajal


I am an Indian girl,good looking n living in london. I wana to work as an extra . If there is any chance, pls do let me know.


Comment by information technology jobs

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Comment by Abdul Qayyum

i like indian filmm industary
i also to like to job in it.
so please give me a chance

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