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Song: “Kitty Fisher’s Locket”

Kitty Fisher was a lover of Charles I. "Kitty Fisher’s Locket" was an old English folk song that I’d heard of (it was a rude song, as locket was slang for vagina). I never found the original words or tune, so wrote my own. Alison Eglinton sings double-tracked vocals, I play double-tracked guitars and a bit of keyboard.

(Here’s the demo version, recorded on a rainy Sunday afternoon as I was writing it, with me on vocals and double-tracked acoustic guitar:

If Kitty Fisher gives you pictures Make sure that you frame them.
“Here’s one I drew, that man’s you; It’s of heaven when it’s raining.
There’s saint Peter in a mac, he’s got two wings on his back. Do you like it?

If Kitty Fisher, seeking pleasure talks of making love with you.
Softly kiss her, speak in whispers, watch how she moves under you.
Hold her while she weeps when you both come.
Let the silence in to soothe her.

If Kitty Fisher gives you treasure keep it in your pocket.
Memories in filigree That’s Kitty Fisher’s locket.
“That’s me and my mother when I was a little girl.
Do you think I was pretty?
That’s me in a forest, another time, a different place.
Do you like me?

Words / music © Bruce Lawson, all rights reserved

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8 Responses to “ Song: “Kitty Fisher’s Locket” ”

Comment by Tamsin

well am a student doing a history presentation on courtesans including Kitty fisher, would really like to us this in the presentation?

Comment by Bruce

You’re welcome to, Tamsin (would be great if you could email me the presentation so I could see it too). The song isn’t about the Kitty Fisher, but is vaguely inspired by the Kitty Fisher story (about someone who seeks affection by having sex with people).

Comment by Dana

Kitty Fisher’s Locket lyrics are way better as written than the version sung in the mp3. i like your voice, beatles/dylan/Dorian-esque. make it hurt a little more, and i’d play you in my car and at home. good stuff. good luck.

Comment by Bekky

Dear Bruce,

Found your website whilst looking for details about Kitty Fisher & Lucy Lockett. I wonder if you’ve heard the nursery rhyme?
Lucy Lockett lost her pocket, Kitty Fisher found it; not a penny was there in it, only ribbon round it.

Best wishes,

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