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To America, with deepest sympathy

Map of USA, in mourning blackSo, you’ve re-elected a witless, inarticulate president who executes juveniles and the mentally handicapped and incarcerates people without trial. A man whose repulsive colleagues believe things like unmarried pregnant women and gays should not be teachers, or that abortionists should get the death penalty. A man whose base is the Jesus-fellating Evangelicals who love Governments that poke their noses into all aspects of life.

Osama Bin Laden and others like him who hate social liberalism, a secular rule of law and the separation of religion and state must be pissing in their pants with laughter. They don’t need to bomb you into submission; you’re voluntarily becoming like them.

Postscript 16 Nov:

After meeting all those lovely yanks at mediaelements, I don’t want to do them a disservice, so I should point out that 49% of the Divided States of America didn’t vote for Dubya, as illustrated on

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