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Accessibility Gun For Hire

Got a web site that you think might not be accessible enough to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act? Worried that the dark forces of disability pressure groups might be waiting to get you into court as a test case? Don’t fancy the bad publicity that being branded "Discriminatory" brings?

Do you want an Accessibility Audit that will tell it like it is, without exaggerating the problems (because I don’t have the time to fix them, so won’t try to scare you into hiring me to do so)?

Perhaps you have a big big website that needs a radical overhaul, developers briefed, redesigns audited, staff trained, PDF templates designed and web updates monitored by a full-time, in-house permanent Web Accessibility Officer?

I’m your man. I’m relentlessly focussed on inclusive web design, sensitive to the needs of branding and corporate identity (having been a brand manager myself), and able to brief developers and smell bullshit a mile off (having been a developer).

I can brief staffers and senior managers (having presented at conferences, and being the owner of several business suits).

I’m one of the people invited by the British Standards Institute to be on the panel reviewing their draft Guide to good practice in designing accessible websites.

Email me at for a chat.

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