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Acid 2 test: a dreadful failure

It was good to see that the new build of Safari passes the Acid2 test for standards compliance.

Opera and Firefox come close, but one browser in particular still fails it dismally.

I pointed Netscape 4.07 at the test page, and was horrified to see the results:

dreadful old browser with broken images and bits of text

Honestly, if those folks at Netscape don’t raise their game, they’re going to see their market dominance wither, you mark my words.

Anyone else noticed any CSS problems with Netscape 4?

8 Responses to “ Acid 2 test: a dreadful failure ”

Comment by djn

The test is badly broken indeed. I’ve just upgraded to the very last version of Mosaic and it keeps crashing…

Comment by Xrew

I have checked up on this test Opera v. 9.0, Firefox v1.4, and IE v. 6. Best results showned Opera, after that Firefox. The Microsoft`s production appeared at “top”, as usually.

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