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@media 2005: gossip, Guinness, girls ‘n’ geeks

There’s techy write-ups of @media all over the Information Superinterweb by now, so here’s my Daily Star/ National Enquirer-stylee round-up of all the goss.

Ooh! pictures!

Molly and BruceMe and Molly, refreshed

Joe Clark and me Me and Joe Clark. He is that tall. I am that short.

Patrick Griffiths and Gez Lemon@media organiser, Patrick Griffiths and Gez Lemon, refreshed.

Other write-ups

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16 Responses to “ @media 2005: gossip, Guinness, girls ‘n’ geeks ”

Comment by patrick h. lauke

And to think that Isofarro and Gez Lemon were having a conversation literally 5 metres (yes, you imperial-measurement-centric island dwellers, you heard me) away from you, before Iso made a quick exit stage right and Gez joined us…

Before Joe C calls you a w*nker (or is that “self masturbatory”, Molly?) as well: “scrolling marquee” should be “CRAWLING marquee”…scrolling is vertical, crawling is horizontal.

And I hereby deprecate the text/html mime type…either use text/plain or application/xhtml+xml. ..

Comment by Bruce

Hey Derek, let’s continue pressing to end urban myths in Accessibility discussions, by attempting to get facts. We could call ourselves O.W.T.RAGE (with the O.W.T. standing for Old Wives’ Tales) πŸ˜‰

Comment by Isofarro

Reading through Joe Clark’s liveblog of Andy Clarke’s session (url: ), you asked the question about companies banging on doors requesting standards compliant websites – you were literally three seats (and one aisle plus one row) away from me. Had I known that was you! (I was the heffalump wearing a brown t-shirt trying to live blog the panel discussion on my laptop).

I’m led to believe I just missed out on meeting you in the wind-down drinks.

Two near misses!

Comment by deprecated dotjay

I’m annoyed that I also managed to miss chatting to you. I didn’t realise you were at @media until Patrick Lauke told me that he’d been chatting to you. Next year? Or perhaps a geekend or six is needed?

I must get on with my own write-up now that I’ve recovered from Friday night!

Comment by Laura Zucchetti

Hi Bruce

Laura here, we had an interesting chin wag about accessibility and usability in the clinks bar Friday night, I was with L-J.

Definitely agree with you on the note about arranging to meet up with people the night before. I was wondering about Wednesday night looking for food and eyeing each passer by up thinking are they a web geek? hehe. I nearly said this to one person then I though I might just freak someone out!

Anyways. I will be sure to drop you a line soon I’m sure.


Comment by Allan

Was it some sick joke of the organisers that made you wear a printout of your web address on your chest, or did you think that up all by yourself ? πŸ™‚

Comment by Paul Boag

Feel like a fraud posting here as obviously everybody else knows each other but wanted to thank you for a most amusing (and yet strangely insightful) overview of the conference. Nice to see that I was not the only one getting over excited about DOM, CSS 3 and xhtml 2. Your not alone in the need for a life πŸ™‚

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