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Criticising Molly? Shut the fuck up.

This is an angry post. It’s filed under “personal and family” because it’s to defend a friend of mine from way back – Molly – who’s sad because of hate mail she’s getting about the IE7 beta.

Regardless of your ideological standpoint about the Web Standards Project’s involvement with Microsoft, no-one can deny that she works tirelessly to help a volunteer grassroots organisation that will ultimately benefit all of us.

IE7 is a program. The Web is a network of machines. Molly is a person and you should treat her respectfully, no matter how you disagree with her. Or you’re rude AND ungrateful.

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11 Responses to “ Criticising Molly? Shut the fuck up. ”

Comment by Matt Robin

I really echo these sentiments Bruce!

I think I only avoided using the word ‘fuck’ on Molly’s site because I don’t think she’d like me swearing on there (she doesn’t know me as well as she knows you – y’see?)…but of course – what I wanted to say was:

“Those dickheads can fuck right off – who hell do they think they are for damning Molly, and making her cry!”

Another reason I avoided swearing on my post on her site was that she stated some of the people who’ve been hurtful to her – are also people she has strong feelings for and cares about…so I wanted to show some degree of sensitivity…again though – through a lack of not knowing Molly as well as you do. So, in that regards – you know her better and you can use profanity on her site with far less regard for how she might think of you because you KNOW how she thinks of you anyway. I’m not shy of swearing though…(just ask John Oxton for proof!) πŸ™‚

Well, I left a rather large post on Molly’s site…I think I said what I needed to say. She’s a lovely person, an inspiration, one of my ‘web heroes’, and someone I have loads of respect for – to see her hurt by these idiots is quite ‘out of order’.

Comment by Isofarro

I’m angry too, and I’m at a loss for words. I’m battling, and losing, to get my thoughts organised into anything remotely resembling a coherent blog entry.

Comment by Ian Lloyd

Bollocks to being coherent and all that. If only people knew how hard Molly works. If only. I am constantly humbled. So. To join in with your sentiments Bruce …. For fucks sake people! Wind yer fuckin’ necks in and give the girl a break! She’s done more for you than you can possibly imagine! And she owns a gun! And she knows where you live! So STFU! Does that cover it? I reckon so …

Comment by Matt Robin

asdfasdf = an American?

*Laughs at Bruce’s counter-comment* Yeah…we (Brits) should be able to spell English words correctly as we did invent the language! (All other versions are a corrupted form!)
*thinks*….Although it is questionable we invented the language because it’s a fusion of all those other languages and dialects poured into one melting-pot. So I should rephrase: ‘The English language in its entirity originated from our shores so our way of spelling the words is correct in the original version of the language’.

Note: Don’t take any of this seriously… πŸ™‚

Comment by Marc Kirkwood

Yeah, I mean, why criticise (“‘S’ damn you, ‘S’!” πŸ˜‰ someone for encouraging Microsoft to make their browser better?! It defies belief… I mean, I’m an avid Firefox user now (but I still haven’t fully “gone XHTML” though; I’m seeing how far HTML 4.01 Strict gets me in the same semantic spirit — I don’t yet “need” any of the advanced XML-centric features, it seems; and it annoys me when you have to do that bizarre escape sequence for one-off inline blocks, etc…), but I’d still glad that IE is finally “moving forward” again.

Comment by Bruce

@Marc – interesting you should mention “not having gone xhtml”. The Langridge DHTML book that I reviewed has a very interesting discussion about html 4.01 strict vs xhtml.

I learned xhtml rather than html, so I find the syntax easier to remember, but don’t think there’s anything advantageous about xhtml that you can’t find in html 4.01 apart from personal preference.

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