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Going to the atmedia conference?

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I’m happy to say I’m off to the @media web standards and accessibility conference in London next week, and am looking forward to it immensely.

It’ll be great meet Molly and Zeldman again, as well as finally meet people like Ian Lloyd, Joe Clark, Gez Lemon, Patrick Griffiths, Malarkey, Isolani, and loads of others who take all this Standards/ Access lark way too seriously 😉

I’m also surprised – and delighted – to see that it’s sold out! Who’d’ve thought that the subjects would be (almost) mainstream. I just wish glasshaus’ web standards and accessibility books had sold out in 2002 and 2003.

I’m going with someone who is an accessibility/ standards virgin and am hoping (actually, expecting) to watch his Damascene conversion and hear him usurp my role of boring the rest of the team about semantics and css. With a line-up of speakers like that, who couldn’t be saved?

Faruk has a partial list of attendees going on his blog.

Are you going too? Please say hello!

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Comment by Bruce

Man, it’s gonna be a standards-thumpin’ DDA-complyin’ party!
(Hey Patrick, I didn’t realise you were Doh!)

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