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Happy John Peel Day

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It’s one year since the death of John Peel, who played the dangerous reggae and punk music that I used to listen to illicitly on my transistor radio as a schoolboy.

And as the BBC are broadcasting an evening of tribute gigs and archive footage, it’s an ideal excuse to show you the photo of when I meet the great man at a gig we played that he was compering.

a young Bruce, with Shez, Andy Cope and John Peel

3 Responses to “ Happy John Peel Day ”

Comment by Ian Lloyd

I once remember a friend of mine say “You know what? I’m gonna be gutted when John Peel dies.” I felt the same, but thought that that was ‘just us’. Last year I was in Vietnam, off to Halong Bay when I heard that John Peel had died, and I was truly shocked and saddened. I was also told that Eammon Holmes had died (which turned out to be untrue of course, and I hoped that the John Peel death had also been mis-rported – alas not).

Like you, I also was a big Peel fan, taping some of my early house music and hip hop off his shows, pressing the pause button while some death metal of Finnish folk band played. I wasn’t into the other music, but I could at least appreciate the diversity and be able to hold my own in a conversation with other (musical) social groups.

I can’t see DLT getting the same treatment, can you?

Comment by Simon Mackie

Even my parents (!!!) said that the coverage of Glastonbury on the telly wasn’t as good this year without him.

He used to play some weird (and wonderful) stuff on his show. The world needs more people like John Peel, I feel.

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