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Konnichawa Japan!

I’ve noticed from my server stats that it’s IP addresses from Japan that are my biggest group of visitors (after Blighty and the thirteen colonies).

Co-incidentally, I’m doing a site based on Japanese Kawaii so if any Japanese visitors have photos of themselves looking super-cute, in urban fashions (e.g. decorer or Gothic Lolita), some kao anis, or just very cute Japanses icons or gifs that I could use for authenticity, please email or leave a comment. I’ll credit you on the site if I use it.

Please, you must own the copyright and consent for me to use it in a non-commercial web design.

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Have you written about any Japanese topics lately. That would explain it. Maybe someone from Japan is linking to you. Nice blog. I love the cut-out letters. Reminds me of a ransom note or a letter from a serial killer. 🙂

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