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Mary the model

Iranian-Thai teenager in best clothes holding trophyAgainst her mother’s advice, my wife’s 18-year old niece, Mary, left her home in thrilling Norway to live in Bangkok and seek her fortune. Mary is tall, slim and very striking-looking because of her Iranian-Thai genes, so I gave her some leads for Bangkok modelling agencies.

And, who’d’ve thought it? She’s been there three months and wins 500,000 baht (approx £7,500) in a modelling contest and use of a Mercedes for the year-long modelling contract.

I’m switching from Web Standards wonkery to managing Thai teen models. Or I might even enter some contests myself.

(I just know I’m gonna get some worrying search terms appear in my server logs now …)

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3 Responses to “ Mary the model ”

Comment by Ian Lloyd


Don’t expect high-brow comments from me, Lawson πŸ˜€

Anyway, I thought it was people from the poor Isaan country (north east rural Thailand) who ‘sought their fortune’ in Bangkok … not bloody Norwegian Iranian Thais!

Good luck to her.

By the way, are you sure she’s your *niece*? You can never really be sure πŸ˜€?

Comment by Bruce

Lloyd you *monster*! Of course she’s my niece (Nongyow is watching me as I type this…).

PS: Dear Manda, are you aware of your fiancé’s commenting proclivities of publicly leering after innocent girls young enough to be his daughter ….?

Comment by Ian Lloyd

Hang on … 18. If she were my daughter, I’d have fathered at 14, been knobbin’ around at 13. Nah! I hereby take back ownership of my licence to perve πŸ˜€

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