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Merry Yule and Happy New Year

Nongyaw, Marina, James and I wish you a splendid holiday. May the Green Man dance naked in your fields to make your crops abundant.

To those readers who’ve we actually met, you might notice that we haven’t sent you a card. Don’t be miffed; no-one received one from us. I got fed up with filling the coffers of Hallmark and the like so they could commission more in-card doggerel.

Last year, we wasted loads of cash on cards and postage, sending bits of cardboard by air across the world – so I decided to donate that to Medecins Sans Frontieres and Islamic Relief so they can save a life, instead of sending you some extra roach material.

Whether we’ve met you or not, and whatever you celebrate at this time of year (if anything), we wish you a prosperous and happy 2006.

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8 Responses to “ Merry Yule and Happy New Year ”

Comment by Yesim

Merry Xmas to you, your wonderful wife and your beautiful children…How nice to see you online again…I’ve just had a great time, travelling through the pages of your website…maybe you’ll all make it to Turkey someday.

Comment by Bruce

Hey, Yesim! How are you doing? We’re thinking of coming to Turkiye this year, unless bird flu kills everyone, of course. My Turkish isn’t good enough to read your site- what’s it about? Yeni Yili Kutlu Olsun to you, Huseyin and Yusuf, too.

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