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Posting for posterity

I’m finding it hard writing this blog lately. It’s not that I haven’t got stuff to say. Far from it – I’ve got about 12 draft posts on the go, about screenreaders, the Ben Jonson play I’ve just been to see, Islam, and Sri Lankan rap music.

Previously, I wrote about whatever I’m thinking about at the time as a kind of catharsis. In the old days, people used to shout at passers-by in the street; these days, we blog. It keeps the peace and normal people don’t have to be harangued while they do their shopping. Nutters get their outlet, so everyone wins. I didn’t even have comments: it was a solo pleasure, like wanking.

But now I’ve got performance anxiety. To continue my wanking analogy, someone who gets pleasure from a daily tug won’t necessarily feel comfortable having a porn film crew around them recording it.

Since being asked to join the WaSP ATF, I’m acutely aware that any headstrong post full of sweeping generalisations written while half-pissed doesn’t only make me look like a twat, but it potentially embarrasses my sober deep-thinking task force colleagues. A particularly grave gaffe can become a rod for anti-accessibility types to beat Accessibility with. So I worry.

And yesterday I received this charming email from those people at the British Library:

As part of the UK initiative to archive websites of research interest ( we are collecting a representative sample of sites relating to the terrorist attacks in London on 7th July … By archiving this material we would hope to preserve information which may help researchers globally in the future in their work on terrorism and other subjects related to this event.

Your site was chosen by the Head of Social Policy and information service at the BL. Certain weblogs and journals have been selected (eg. The Sharpener, Uncle Steve’) … I personally feel that weblogs will be an invaluable record for researchers of the future.

So now it’s not just peer pressure I have to worry about – it’s that future historians might think I’m a fuckwit as well!

I think I’ll just stick to blogging pretty poems and what I had for dinner 😉

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6 Responses to “ Posting for posterity ”

Comment by Ian Lloyd

Yeah, you’re an idiot. And now it’s on record. And now you’ve got a comment confirming you’re an idiot. Now go drink some more beers and get posting again you big old pansy!

{Note to people with sense of humour deprivation. Or, for that matter, future historians for whom such archaic language is a mystery akin to reading heiroglyphs: that was sarcasm!}

Comment by goodwitch

I second that! Remember, this is your personal blog. We come here to see what you are really thinking after a few beers and self-satisfaction ;-).

So come on now….let’s see those posts you’re holdin’ back!!!

Comment by Glenn

Ooh. The act of observation changing that which is observed. That’ll give all those social scientists researching noughties blog culture such a thrill.

Comment by Ann

Note to people with sense of humour deprivation. Or, for that matter, future historians for whom such archaic language is a mystery akin to reading heiroglyphs: that was sarcasm

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