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School xmas plays and fatherhood

four year old boy on stage, all in white, with white tinsel trimmingsNow James is four and a half, he’s at school, and this is the time of year when all parents take an hour or two off work to watch their children in the school christmas play. So today I went to watch James sing and dance with others in his class. As I watched him confidently walk onto the stage, perform his dance moves and sing along, concentrating and trying so hard, then looking so proud, I unaccountably developed something in my eyes that caused them to water, requiring a surreptitious wipe with a tissue. I noticed a similar effect on Nongyaw and many surrounding mothers.

When I was single, I was a hard-hearted bastard. I could watch weepy movies and snort with derision; songs like “Seasons in the sun” made me laugh with scorn. But now I’m a father, it’s with alarmingly frequency that I get something in my eye. I physically cannot watch news items that involve desperately ill children in Niger. God help me – I even find cloyingly sentimental Disney films like Dumbo and Bambi heartbreaking.

And a warning to single punk rockers: If you have children and attend their school Christmas shows, you might as well trade in your Dr Martens for ballet shoes and your black leather jackets for pink frilly tu-tus, as you will turn into a watery-eyed girlies, too. It’s guaranteed. Any other fathers enough in touch with their feminine side to confirm this?

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7 Responses to “ School xmas plays and fatherhood ”

Comment by Chris McEvoy

You bastard. Having a 15 month old boy I can confirm that decades of suppressed emotions are now making themselves known. I can’t watch the NSPCC adverts any more and I have to avoid Bambi and Dumbo in case of leakages.

Comment by Ian Lloyd

I’m obviously still a double-‘ard bastard. One that watches Spongebob Squarepants, admittedly, but you won’t catch me sobbing over Bambi just yet, fella! But then again, I am getting married soon, so kids are likely at some point – I’ll let you know when I ‘turn’. Incidentally, you coming along then, Bruce? Mr McEvoy is attending, I’m pleased to report.

Comment by Trixie-belle

Nothing worse than a sentimental male, nearing middle age.

Bring back national service, to give the British male some much needed backbone.

Comment by goodwitch

awwww…that couldn’t be sweeter. it takes a real man to be so in touch with his feelings and to blog about them openly.

indeed, my own boys have helped me rediscover some of the lost wonders of childhood.

my challenge to you…read the polar express…and tell me if you still believe!

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