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Song: “Don’t Bring Me Down”

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Done with my band The Lucies. A tune by Shez, which we recorded on our ever first day in a recording studio back in 1991.

I rather regret that the lyrics I wrote were pretty shit, and my multi-tracked guitars at the end are way too overpowering. Neither is it helped by the fact that the engineer managed to mic up the drums to sound like Andy Cope was hitting a wet cardboard box with a fish.

But I still quite like my trademark dirty guitar solo, with the feedback squeak as it goes back into the melody, and Shez’s bassline rocks, especially when he goes into the descending alternate riff at the end.

Music © Sherrard, Words © Bruce Lawson, all rights reserved.

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Comment by bERT

oh, oh hey there bruce! How’s your mum gtting on? I hope the illness is clearing up now.
Still into the nudist thing? Found any good local nudist beaches yet? You were having trouble last time we spoke!! Rather a dry spot, so to speak.
Anyways, comment me back here, I shall check back.
Love and all,

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