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News from the Stoke Prior Wives’ Group

Phew, there’s been lots of serious posts here lately, so I thought I’d post something fun for Friday.

A friend from the bustling metropolis of Stoke Prior sent me the local parish magazine, and I allowed myself an hour or two of vicarious thrills with the news from the Stoke Prior Wives’ Group, which I thought I’d share.

Stoke Prior Wives’ Group

Pam Grazier

As our first June meeting fell during Spring Bank Holiday week, we knew the attendance would be small, so entertained ourselves with a competition for the best decorated potato, which was won by Mary Empson.

On the 15th out last speaker for this session was Graham Stanton whose enthusiasm knew no bounds when he kept us enthralled with a comprehensive history of road signs, bringing with him a very varied selection of signs from his unique collection.

I’m afraid I don’t have a contact address should you be anxious to join, but I would be delighted if anyone would care to decorate a potato and post a link to a photo of it.

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5 Responses to “ News from the Stoke Prior Wives’ Group ”

Comment by Bruce

I’ve got so much time on my hands that I recently googled “Venezuelan harlot” and was pleased to discover that I’m the only result. Now, where’s my potato?

Comment by roberta stourport

are you”The Bruce” I was looking for some stuff on stoke prior and hey there you are ? if it is you? maybe you can track something down!!!!love and light

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