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Thai Tsunami

Well, I’m back after the bandwidth-crushing link to my joke Zen Garden, and want to say thanks for the emails asking if Nongyow’s family and friends are OK in Thailand. So far, we know of one member of her church who died, and others are missing. Her family are far North, and were unaffected.

We’ve nevertheless been glued to the news, watching the death rate tick remorselessly up. Places like Khao Lak, where we spent three Christmas Days, are completely gone, just washed way, presumably with the nice people who looked after us and made our stays enjoyable.

There’s other nastiness about the Tsunami, too; the Thai press reports that some of those who volunteered to help search for corpses have actually been an organised looting gang. There’s questions about why the government didn’t alert the Phuket authorities to clear the beach, as they had more than an hour’s notice after it hit Indonesia. There’s even reports that tourists are returning and complaining about the mess, the shortage of beer and lamentable lack of prostitutes.

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