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Tim Berners-Lee starts blog

.. and nowhere does he deny that he was the covert hero known to millions as Johnny Wankmag.

Let’s look at the evidence. Tim Berners-Lee was born in 1955, making him 24 when he was active as Johnny Wankmag in the West Midlands – easily old enough to source the material and drive a car for distribution.

Also, TBL has two surnames and went to university at Oxford, proving incontrovertibly that he was very rich and had loads of money to buy all the necessary magazines.

And finally, he is on record as saying: “The power of the Web is in its universality”. It’s almost certain that, pre-Web, he believed that access to porn was as important as access to the Web, regardless of newsagent nosiness or pocket-money levels.

And now, on his blog, he conspicuously chooses not to deny what many have called “The worst-kept secret on the Internet”.

Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

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Comment by Ian Lloyd

On a related topic, I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason that this mythical Johnny Wankmag exists is simple – fear of discovery of your stash from partner/parents/in-laws etc. So, what’s really needed is some kind of trust system – a bequethment along the lines of “In the event that I should get run over by a bus tomorrow and fail, in my last dying seconds, to tell the bus driver that he should go to my house and look at the back of the cupboard/wardrobe/whatever and remove all pornographic material such that distressed partner/parents/in-laws etc do not have to find said stash when they are deliberating how much my stuf is worth at car boot sale, then that duty falls to you. Note – you are free to distribute material as desired.”

The system would have to reciprocal – one person tells the other the whereabouts of personal stash and instructions for removal and vice-versa.

If iot doesn’t exist already, I’d call the system ‘PornPal – You can rely on your mate to help you out when you’re in a state (or flat under a bus)’

I think it’s got mileage!

Comment by Jim

I’m sure that idea was used in the first series of Coupling – one of the characters is the sworn to disposing of his mate’s porn stash in the event of the latter’s sudden demise.

Oh dear, I’ve just admitted to watching Coupling.

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