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Vote for accessibility

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You can help raise awareness of web accessibility issues by texting to vote for Julie Howell of the RNIB and Jooly’s Joint in a magazine competition.

Julie Howell of the RNIB, who has been a tireless awareness-raiser for accessibility, has been chosen by New Media Age (NMA) magazine as one of eight finalists for the magazine’s Effectiveness Awards 2005. A public text message vote decides the winner.

The award will be presented to the individual who has made the greatest contribution to the UK new media industry in the past 12 months.

Julie is the only woman and the only representative from the voluntary sector on the shortlist, but she is up against stiff competition including BBC, Vodafone, Ofcom, MTV and Channel 4.

If she wins, it’ll be great publicity amongst “mainstream” businesses and designers for accessibility issues.

Update 2 July 2005

Julie won!

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