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Where shall we three meet again?

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3 old men All aged approximately 38, here’s me, Tim and Shez out for Shez’s birthday. I didn’t see Shez for a few years until recently – and can’t have seen Tim for not much short of 20 years. We were mates at high school since we were about fifteen, and rode our bikes together, shared our cigarettes together, drank illicit alcohol together and pooled our pocket money for porn mags together. (In-depth scrutiny of the porn mags was an activity undertaken solo, however). Lemmy was there too (but took this photo and I got too drunk to remember to ask someone to take one of the four of us).

Friends you make at that age are often the ones that you keep all your life, as the bonds form when you’re completely free. When now would I get 6 weeks vacation in the summer to hang out with friends, build dens, pursue girls, jam guitar, listen to records?

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