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“You’ll do for now”

James, star of 'You'll do for now'The London Gay Men’s Chorus are performing a musical this weekend called You’ll Do For Now, and my delightful friend James is starring in it.

You’re hungry for more details, right? And, because you and me are friends, if you book through a chorus member, you get two tickets for the price of one! Just email James!

More than just a succession of songs, this specially devised concert takes the form of a journey through time. From the Wolfenden Report to gay communes, from Sondheim to Oasis, from a cottage to a chat room, from polari to club culture, the narrative follows the experiences of four gay men and their younger selves through the meeting places of gay London over the past fifty years.

Beyond the ephemeral and sometimes unsatisfying nature of these encounters, the show tells with a song and a dance how today’s relative freedom is the result of past battles for gay rights and more recent ones against AIDS, and also how our own personal battles make us who we are.

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