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‘101 Reasons to Hate Bruce Lawson’

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Chris Mills is interviewed in Digital Web magazine and recalls a practical joke involving me, Steve Champeon, hotmail and a hippie shitting himself – and describes it as one of his 101 reasons to hate me. At least he didn’t mention my legendary musical ability, my exasperating modesty and reluctance to talk about myself, or my beating him to Olympic Gold in the freestyle cunnilingus competition (he still remains tight-lipped and somewhat tongue-tied about that – which might explain his lack of success).

6 Responses to “ ‘101 Reasons to Hate Bruce Lawson’ ”

Comment by goodwitch

Ooooooooo….I could never ever hate Bruce Lawson. In fact it was such an extreme pleasure to meet you in London…perhaps I should start 101 reasons to love Bruce.

1) damn entertaining
2) web standards compliant
3) your olympic gold medal 😉
4) introduced me to Gez in person
5) exposing me to oolong at the bottom of each page
6) you can tell my fortune using tarot cards
7) you have a tattoo from a children’s book, how cool is that?

Okay…I best stop at 7 since I should now tell my adorable and ever so talented husband (who can lick the alphabet) the 101 reasons I love him forever!!!

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