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Comforting a daughter with chicken pox, while abusing a perfectly good page with disgraceful hacks to make IE6 render it sensibly, and trying to digest the 400 page tedious behemoth of WCAG 2 documents really really gets a man down. Only disco dancing can help me now…

Update: Actually, it turns out I’ve got another three weeks to finish the WCAG 2 reading. The deadline for comments has been extended by three weeks to Thursday 22 June 2006.

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Comment by Matt Machell

And they said Disco was dead!

WCAG 2 is very tedious. I was reading through it this morning. I find it ironic that a document about making content accessible has some truly unreadable text in it.

Comment by Jim

Should we call for a Finnish disco dancing workshop at @media? I believe there’s still time to add items to the schedule.

I came across a self-help book entitled ‘Live each day as if it’s your last’ the other day. Sounds like the sort of thing you’d need after reading WCAG 2.

Comment by Simon Mackie

Gian Sampson-Wild spoke at the Melbourne Web Standards Group meeting last week – she was very critical of WCAG 2.0, including the amount of incomprehsible jargon it uses.

Comment by Bruce

As far as I’m aware, I don’t work for Microsoft. I went to my normal workplace this morning, and my security pass still works; my colleague still say “hi” and don’t look surprised to see me (vaguely disappointed, I grant you).

But if anyone from Microsoft is reading this, I’m open to offfers ..

Comment by Bruce

Do stop being such a twat, there’s a good boy. If this an attempted Denial of Service attack, I’m happy to report you to your ISP.

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