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A year without smoking

I am one iron-willed badassed ex-smoker. And, since May 14 2005, I can walk upstairs without coughing. Yeah!

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Comment by bruce

Thanks for your concern about my ‘elf, Tim. It’s been fine since I managed to kick the hobbit.

Simon: trouble is, for years I’ve *hated* the way one’s clothes and hair stink after the pub. Even before I quit. But even now, I find that the smell of a cig when someone just lights up, it smells delicious …

Comment by Steve Ganz

Congratulations, Bruce. That is huge! It’s been almost 17 months for me. After 20+ yrs, smoking up to 2 packs a day. I amazed even myself. I definitely count it as one of my greatest achievements.

Comment by Clair

Bloody hell! I ran a search on Amnuay Silpa school (for a friend) and your blog came up. I used to work at Bell St Johns! Same time you worked at Bell A-S. I married a Thai bloke from Ko Samet and was pregnant at the same time as Nongyao. We live in the UK now. Dunno if you’ll remember us. Well done on the giving up!

Comment by Tim

When I first gave up I loved the smell of cigarettes – don’t worry – it passes. Took a couple of years though…

Comment by John D

Dunno if you remember me, either, Bruce, but we hung around at the Seattle Thunderlizard oh so many years ago (you, me, Bryn, Chris Hindley, Dani, Jen, Mike).

Interesting you quit smoking, too; I’ve been off ’em for now a month and a half.

Here’s to your ‘elf and mine, Bruce. We’ll be much better off for it in the long run.

Shoot me an email if you can; lots of catching up to do.

Comment by Ed Kohler

Congrats on a year of better health. They banned smoking in bars in Minneapolis a year ago, so now I smell like chicken wings when I come home to my wife. I guess that’s an improvement.

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