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Accessibility wars again

Mike Davis lobs a blogrenade at those who think accessibility is about universal access. For what it’s worth, I agree that accessibility is about disability, but think there’s room for us all; the war against idiots like the DTI are more important than internecine squabbles.

Haven’t posted much in a while as have been feeling a bit crap and multiply-sclerotic after catching near-terminal brat-lurgie from my kids, but I did spend a day in bed checking a transcript of the Geek in The Park talk that Patrick and I did – to be published soon. (It’s bloody hard work transcribing; hadn’t realised it before.)

Meanwhile, Matt Machell reviews the accessibility book; as it’s too early to get sales figures from the publisher, it’s nice to know that someone has read it. (Also noticed a review on Godbit.) If you’ve read it too, would you mind commenting on Get the word out to the 99% of the web dev community who don’t read the same blogs that you do and I do…

Matt also reminds us that you’ve got until Sunday night to do a ZenGarden-like makeover in the Pimp my HTML contest. Now, where’s my spare animated gifs …. ?

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6 Responses to “ Accessibility wars again ”

Comment by Matt Machell

Hey Bruce, hope you’re feeling better! Glad you liked the review.

On transcribing, I’m sure there’s a new fangled social networky way of solving the problem of long transcriptions. Many hands making light work and so on.

Comment by Glenn

A few words of advice from a fellow sufferer. I usually find lying on my front and moaning loudly at each movement helps.

Oh no – that’s haemorrhoids.

Get well soon mate.

Comment by Lloydi

Alright Brucey? Hope you’re feeling better and ready to tackle important stuff again. Like another ‘veg up the arse Friday joke’. Y’know, that kind of thing.

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