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And don’t forget the joke(r)

Sorry? Say again? Eh? Can’t hear you.

Apologies for that; I went to see Motörhead last night. Fucking marvellous! Completely unsophisticated, unfinessed, no-bullshit rock’n’ roll – purveyors of the greatest rock single of all time. It’s a pity Motörhead fans are the rudest people on the planet, but didn’t detract from a splendid night. Eh? Speak up for God’s sake!

This is great: here’s some Barbie dolls playing Motörhead:

The joke

I’ve had plastic surgery to shape my penis like a rocket.
My wife’s over the moon.

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Comment by Simon Mackie

You are missing the umlaut – Motörhead. Ace Of Spades is probably my favorite metal song ever. Lemmy’s a legend – from Wikipedia:

“After being sacked from Hawkwind in 1975, supposedly for “doing the wrong drugs” [2], Kilmister decided to form a new band, originally to be called Bastard. Doug Smith, the band’s manager, advised him that, “It’s unlikely that we’re going to get on Top of the Pops with a name like ‘Bastard’.” Lemmy figured he was right and decided to call the band Motörhead, after the last song he had written for Hawkwind.[3] His stated aim was for the outfit to be, “the dirtiest rock n’ roll band in the world” and that, “if this band moved in next door – your lawn would die”

Comment by tim

Firstly – happy birthday.
Secondly-Shez and I went to see Motorhead in 1982 at the Birmingham Odeon. Bloody fantastic gig,we were deaf for days afterwards.

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