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Back from bandwidth meltdown

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It’s a new month, so my bandwidth counter’s been reset after a two-day outage (I didn’t have the dosh to pay for more bandwidth at the tail-end of the month). The greatest demand has been for a couple of rather worthy but dull posts on WordPress accessibility hacks and Conditional Comments (probably because the latter is in the first page of Google results for a search on “conditional comments”).

The only personal posts that have figured highly in the top ten bandwidth suckers (sob! you don’t care about the real me!) are one about my niece’s bum (possibly NSFW) and one about a Big Friday night (certainly NSFW). These contain pictures of a teenage girl’s arse, and a multiply-pierced penis so I’m not surprised they’re heavily viewed: I get a lot of visitors from Germany and Benelux.

Anyhow, to stop bandwidth meltdowns, I thought I’d upgrade my hosting package, and pay for it by adding some text-only Google ads to the posts, between the text and the comments box.

But I wanted to ask you first. Would you stop visiting if I sell out to The Man?

8 Responses to “ Back from bandwidth meltdown ”

Comment by Glenn

Most of us sold out years ago. Don’t see why you shouldn’t.

Come to think of it, you did too. When you played Spandau Ballet’s “True” at the christmas disco in 1984.

Comment by Shez

I remember that – we actually wanted to play Pretty Vacant instead, but the weight of pressure from a school hall full of acne-fied teenagers (us included) forced our hand. That’s probably when we sold out to the man…

Comment by Bruce

OK, in the absence of flames, Google ads are placed on the page that holds the single post and its comments, in a div with an id of “capitalistBastard”. I’ve been approached for a sponsored link in the sidebar, which I may take up; hopefully it’ll make the difference between my cheapo hosting account and a proper, industrial-strength hosting package.

Or maybe you’ll all reject me as a running dog of the bourgeoise imperialists.

Comment by Bruce

Glenn: you’re a bastard. You begged us to play “True” in order that you could shuffle in circles on the spot with Hilary Hall and attempt a snog with her.

Fascist – no: revisionist bullyboy!

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