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(This week’s) best things since sliced bread

Been busy busy busy this week, but still enjoyed:

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Comment by Jim

Hitler was Bruno Ganz, the star of Wings of Desire, which is also set in Berlin and 3 hours long but has a much happier ending and a guest appearance by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

What did you make of the quote from the real Traudl Junge at the end of Downfall? I forget the exact words but something like “oh, I was such a foolish young woman. I had no idea there was a mass extermination of the Jews. Silly me.”

Portraying Albert “Let’s put all the Jews in slave labour camps” Speer as Mr Kind, Sympathetic Nazi was disturbing.

I watched it in bits and pieces while doing other things but I liked the bits I saw.

Comment by Nacnud The Norwegian

As the founder member of Norwegian Nemesis I must inform you that we resent the slur on our great country. It is not the dullest place in the Universe. If we save up we can buy a beer once a month and boy then do we party. Anyway, the women in Trollhagen are better looking than the women in Birmingham


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