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Christmas is coming. The bastard.

Last year, I sent no Xmas cards – and friends kept talking to me, clients kept hiring me, and gorgeous women kept admiring me. The reason wasn’t pure humbuggery , but a dislike of the waste of money sending a small piece of paper, often by highly-polluting air travel, so the recipient can look at it once and throw it away.

This year, I’m giving the dosh I spend on cards to Amnesty International. When I was a lad, and a lot more politically active, I did quite a lot with Amnesty, but rather got tired of their mission-creep into protesting against the death penalty and for abortion rights.

But these days, when there’s a Shhh-don’t-use-the-word-“genocide ” in Darfur, detention without trial in the USA, organ-harvesting in China, and Mr Putin feeding nuclear sushi to critics, it seems Amnesty is needed more than ever.

So, please accept my apologies for not sending you a card – and please don’t send me one, but send a quid to Amnesty on my behalf. Or just have a beer and think nice things.

Designers still wanted

The client hired designers who don’t understand Web. I can see the horrors, but can’t do better designs. If you can design, it’s not too late to send some samples to pitch for a couple of days work.

Friday joke

Let’s have Christmas jokes throughout December!

It’s late at night, and Good King Wenceslas has had a hard evening doing good and helping people. Being too tired to cook, he goes to his favourite pizza restaurant.

“Young man”, he says to the waiter who shows him to his Royal table and takes his order, “I’ll have my usual pizza. And fast, please.?”

The waiter runs into the kitchen, frantic with worry. “I’m new,” he stutters to the cook, “so I’ve got no idea what His Majesty’s ‘usual’ is!”.

“Good King Wenceslas? He always has it deep pan, crisp and even.”

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