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Darth Vader down the chimney

It’s midnight on Christmas Eve, and a five year-old Luke Skywalker is fast asleep, but suddenly awakened by a crash and a cloud of soot coming from the fireplace. From down the chimney stepped … not Santa, but Darth Vader!

“Luke”, breathed Vader. “See that gift over there under the tree? That’s a cuddly Ewok, that is.”

“Stop!”, cried the infant Luke. “You’re spoiling the surprise!”

“Luke, that one there is a brand new light sabre”, Vader continued.

“Don’t tell me”, said Luke, clamping his hands over his ears.

“Luke, the really big one is a replica of the Millenium Falcon”, Vader concluded.

Luke tearfully asked, “How do you know what Santa’s brought me?”.

Vader replied, “Luke – I have felt your presents”

See ya next year!

Anyway, I’m off to Thailand for a no-Xmas holiday. Gotta love Buddhism. All the best.

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Comment by Clair

I’m jealous. When I lived in BKK I used to bemoan missing a UK Xmas. After being back 6 years I echo your sentiments! Hope you have a wonderful holiday in Hua Hin – Merry Xmas, Seasons Greetings, Happy Solsitice or whatever you prefer!!!

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