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French knock-knock joke

Nice things this week: Linda from Graphic Design Basics asked me for an interview (probably because of my very basic graphic design skills) which nicely mixes the personal and professional. The interview is published today.

And Zeldman reviewed the accessibility book:

Vast and practically all-encompassing, this newly updated classic belongs on every web designer’s shelf. (Better still, open it and read.)

So buy it. Unless you hate the Web.

Enough work stuff. Here’s the joke:


Jean-Pierre:Frappe frappe!Armand:Qui est là?Jean-Pierre:Loste.Armand:Loste qui?Jean-Pierre:Oui, malhereusement.

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18 Responses to “ French knock-knock joke ”

Comment by Jacques

Enfin. Un site Web anglophone qui reflète le humour essentiel de la nation Français. Bravo. Evidement fait par un vrai froggy. Comme j’ai dit a Helmut:

Qui est là?
“S” qui?

Hahahaha! Amusant, n’est-ce pas? Vous riez, non? Que je suis drôle!

Comment by Caz Mockett

Très drôle. Et maintenant je dois acheter votre livre de Web. Il est en français aussi? Non? Pourquoi pas? 😉

And I’ve just finished reading the transcript of your double act with Patrick at the geek in the park do. Some very good points, ones we have to weigh up every day!

Comment by Lachlan Hunt

I can’t figure out how to pronounce it either, particularly that last word, so reading it out loud didn’t help. I also don’t understand why it can’t be translated, but oh well, I look forward to next weeks joke.

Comment by arnaud

I speak french.
Had to try many times before pronouncing it correctly. See, my “english trying to speak french” accent isn’t that good yet. Got to practice. But in anticipation I laughed all the way through though because I know British are hilarious!

Comment by Laurent

Toc! Toc! Toc!
Qui est la?
Guy qui?

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Toc! Toc! Toc!
Qui est la?
Claire qui?

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Comment by Chloé

-Toc Toc?
-Qui est là?
-Rien de qui?
-Rien à faire sauf pour dire une blague tok tok!
-Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho!

-Knock Knock.
-Who’s There?
-Nothing who?
-Nothing to do except to say a knock knock joke!
-Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Comment by Richard

– frappe frappe

– c’est qui?

– c’est mon

– mon qui?

– ooh ooh ah ah [tickle armpit at this point]

Comment by Monsieur Martin

For some time I’ve been making the kids that I teach groan with this bilingual version:

Toc, toc

Qui est là?


Alosmo qui?

Well, you’d better climb in through the window, then.

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