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I’m supporting Joe Clark. You should too.

I'm lining Joe's pockets. Are you? On the website for his new Open & Closed Project, Joe Clark writes,

The Open & Closed Project is a research project headquartered in Toronto. Our main goal is to write a set of standards for the four fields of accessible media – captioning, audio description, subtitling, and dubbing. We’ll develop those standards through research and evidence-gathering. Where research or evidence is missing on a certain topic, we’ll carry it out ourselves.

He needs $7million Canadian to fund the project. In order to raise this funding, Joe’s on a micropatronage drive to fund his food, water and central heating while he raises that huge sum:

My donation goal (the amount I am trying to raise) is a convenient $7,777, which, apart from being a lucky number, will keep me afloat at a subsistence level for four months … You’ll keep me afloat for four months while I try to put the money together. You’ll buy time for me to raise the money; you won’t be funding the Project itself.

I’ve promised a small amount to Joe, and urge you to do the same, for three reasons:

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