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Man with sapling growing out of his head

It’s breakfast time at the home of Marjorie and Jeffrey, a middle-aged suburban couple.

MarjorieJeffrey, you seem to have a small twig growing out of the top of your head!JeffreyGoodness me, so I have. I must make an appointment to see the Doctor.

The next morning:

MarjorieJeffrey, the small twig has grown into a sapling!JeffreyGoodness me, so it has. I really must make that appointment.

The next morning:

MarjorieJeffrey, that sapling is now a fully-grown willow tree! Please, go to the Doctor.JeffreyGoodness me, I shall. My head looks ridiculous, and I can barely get my golf hat on.

At the doctors surgery:

JeffreyDoctor, my wife is very concerned. It began as a twig, but it’s grown into a woodland copse with a babbling brook running through, in which otters gambol and salmon leap upstream to the waterfall that cascades down the side of the purple-heathered, snow-capped mountains, just behind my hairline.DoctorDon’t worry, Jeffrey. It’s just a beauty spot.

4 Responses to “ Man with sapling growing out of his head ”

Comment by Glenn

I can confirm Shez’s recollection. But rather like the sapling, the joke seems to have matured. Good to see you’ve avoided that. May the spirit of Norman Andrews be with you always.

Comment by Blair Millen

This joke reminds me (in a slightly abstract way) of the Richard Brautigan book ‘Trout Fishing in America’ – where the protagonist chooses which waterfall to buy!

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