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Naked day

Today, all the styling is gone from this site. Some unkind folk might say that you can hardly tell. There’s a reason behind this nakedness, as suggested by Dustin Diaz: it’s to show that a properly made website, with content in the markup and presentation in the css is completely comprehensible and usable without styles.

Would yours be?

C’mon! get standardised and get naked!

Tags out for the lads!

8 Responses to “ Naked day ”

Comment by patrick h. lauke

well, i joined the madness (commented out the stylesheet in one of my include files, and added the paragraph to the top of another include file…did i mention i love include files?)

Comment by Gary

Where’s all the graphics gone???? 😉
Seriously though – nice idea, and a clever way to make a very good point. Maybe I should go turn off our CSS for the day too… Nah, customers will just think it’s broke !

Keep up the good work Bruce.

Comment by Glenn

Clever – but I really like your “Never Mind The Bollocks” style (graphics as well as writing). So when’s it coming back?

Comment by Bruce

Yo Glenn – it’ll be back tomorrow; I’m only going naked for a day.

In real life, of course, I’m naked EVERY DAY. Right now, under my clothes, I’m STARK NAKED. Phwoooar!

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