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Old friends at weekends

Two weekends on the trot have been reunions. The first was when three families converged on my place for the tenth (!) anniversary of Stephanie, Bruce and me meeting in Bangkok to set up a language centre in Amnuay Silpa, a prestigious old school. It was one of those rare jobs when everyone worked as a team, the bosses (Petchuda and Graham Braddick) were supportive and trusted us, so didn’t breathe down our necks – and when I left four years later I genuinely felt proud of what we all achieved.

The following weekend found me in church, which is a rare event indeed; religious establishments generally prefer me not to attend, as they have to reconsecrate a building after I’ve been in them. However, I coudn’t resist the opportunity to go to the church where Nongyow and I were married, and hear Father Simon‘s last sermon before he moves to The Actor’s Church in Covent Garden, then back to the Vicarage for a beer or twelve and a fab Sundy lunch cooked by Lynne, another old friend. I’ve known Simon since before he was a vicar, and accompanied him on some great thespian events, such as when we did a medieval mummers’ play at the Ludlow festival and he played Saint George. I played the back end of a pantomime horse.

Funny how our future career paths were obvious, even then.

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