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Postcard from Thailand

When I lived here, I thought Bangkok at Xmas was nice and cool – and would wear a long-sleeved shirt instead of short sleeves. Actually, it’s monstrously hot and humid. So, after a day seeing old friends and getting our bodies used to the time zone, it was off to Hua Hin to the beach and some cooling sea breeze.

We’re in a lovely hotel that we always used to stay in; it’s impeccably clean, with a lovely pool and it’s a five minute amble to Hua Hin beach.

The days go like this: get up, 7.30. Breakfast by the pool at 8. Kids in pool at 8.30. Join kids in pool at 9.30. Drag kids out of pool for lunch at 12. Lie down in room 12 – 1.30 (sun too hot) then down to the white-sand beach. Showers at 5pm, then out to eat spicy seafood dishes at 6 (the food here is enough to make a grown man cry in happiness).

Then, to help recover from the exhausting schedule, we go out for massages (both Marina and James fall asleep during theirs) and finally put the kids to bed at 9.30, after which Nongyaw and I drink beer, read, chat and watch the moon above the mountains from our balcony overlooking the pool.

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Comment by JackP

@Chris – I’m presuming Bruce thinks it’s incredibly funny that he’s away sunning himself and generally having a nice holiday while the rest of us are cold, miserable and at work.

Comment by bruce

I think it’s incredibly humourous that you’re in cold Blighty, being brainwashed into forced xmas bonhomie and parties.

I’ll be laughing on the other side of my face when I get back, the cars won’t start, the house is freezing and everyone is miserable..

Ah well. Off to meet Johnny for a lads’ night out to Nana Plaza (not safe for work) as a delayed 40th birthday party. You’re all invited; be in Cheap Charlie’s on Suhumwit 11 within he next hour

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