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It’s official: punk is dead

“Sex Pistols Residuals” license Mediacom Toy Corporation to produce little Sex Pistols figurines. (Via Tokyo Times).

four small plastic models of The Sex Pistols

From best punk album of all time to children’s playthings is the final indignity. I think I’m off to become an ex-New Romantic instead.

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9 Responses to “ It’s official: punk is dead ”

Comment by Jim

Wot, no little Glen to play with! It’s a (rock ‘n’ roll) swindle!

I think I’d put ‘The Clash’ ahead of ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ in the best punk album list – Garageland, 48 hours, Janie Jones, London’s Burning, I’m so bored…, Deny, Career Opportunities. What a great record.

Comment by Bruce

It’s pretty appropriate that Matlock isn’t there, i reckon, as Sid was the plastic punk and Matlock the bloke who wrote the tunes.

But it is a rock’n’roll swindle. Though if a Japanese reader bought some and sent them to me, I’d be ever so grateful ….

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