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School reunion

I went to a school reunion last week, hoping to meet up with an old flame – a Dutch girl who wore inflatable shoes. I was gutted when her friends told me she’d popped her clogs.

(More fictional dead friend gags next week!)

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Comment by Flavia Richards

I just now came across your link and enjoyed skimming through some of your blogs. I will bookmark you. What a lovely family you have. I also love kids. Your wife is cute. You sound interesting and clever. I am 49, wow, I am getting aged. If I forget to tell you happy birthday on November 13, let me tell you one month early, that would be today. Bah, forget the taro card reading. When I was in first grade I got an inflatable doll from a boy for a Christmas grab bag gift. I loved the doll but I didn’t know how to tell him how much I liked it so I said, “Thanks a LOT for the doll.” He thought I was making fun of it and he said, “Well, I didn’t pick it out, my mom did.” I always felt bad that he didn’t know that I really liked the doll a lot. Someone gave my brother some wooden shoes from Holland one time. He didn’t care about them but I loved them and wished they’d have fit me. He eventually gave them away. I used to make sandals for my feet from rose petals and weed stems when I was little, I used cardboard for the soles. My mother made me afraid to sit on public toilet seats when I was little. I still have nightmares about dirty public bathrooms. I’m not afraid to sit on public toilets anymore, unless they look really dirty.

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