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‘The Real Lady Macbeth’ – free show in Stratford tomorrow

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Just a quick note to say there’s a free performance of a play “The Real Lady Macbeth” tomorrow (Saturday 22 July) starting at 12.30 at The Dell in Stratford-Upon-Avon. The Dell is a 200-seat outdoor performance space in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s gardens, bordered by the river and Holy Trinity Church, where Shakespeare is buried. The performance is free (they’ll be passing a hat round after) and is part of the fringe surrounding the official cycle of Shakespeare’s Complete Works being performed this year.

The play is being performed by a group from Brussels including some great friends that we spent New Year with. It’s a four-person play about the differences between the Shakespearian villains, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, and the real people of those names (official blurb). It’s pretty funny (I directed it in 1990 with a youth theatre group that included a very young Dave Gorman).

So come on down and grab some free culture! The weather should be warm, but the river should cool us down. See you there!

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