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Tim Berners-Lee accessibility quotes

We’ve all seen it:

The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect. –Tim Berners-Lee

Worthy, but dulled by constant repetition. Every client, every developer has a Pavlovian reaction to the quote, which causes their eyelids to droop and their thoughts to turn to that cutie in Accounts with the tight jeans.

There’s a newer quote from March 2006:

Another important area of professionalism is accessibility awareness. Everyone should be accommodated, especially when around 20 per cent of the population have special requirements. In fact, Microsoft said recently that nearly 50 per cent of people need to make some sort of adjustment to their system to interact with it. Having turned 50, I’m very aware of receiving email with very small fonts – people don’t want to use their spectacles to look at a Web page! –British Computer Society

but it’s frankly a bit long-winded. No Zing! or Kapow! Not snappy enough to get people’s attention back from the snogalicious accountant.

Patrick Lauke and I were discussing the lack of good Timbo quotes for accessibility presentations in the pub after the launch of PAS 78, and he came up with a Tim Berners-Lee Quote’o’matic. I helped research some of the quotes. Just hit F5 until you find the quote that will leave the Chairperson of the Board gasping in eagerness to make the site accessible.

Feel free to use it to spice up your accessibility presentations, or for trumping inaccessible developers at parties to impress your friends and confound your enemies.

After all, was it not Tim Berners-Lee who said,

Let a thousand Powerpoints™ bloom … Yeah, just save them all in My Documents as presentation.ppt; people can open them if they want to know what’s in them.

Actually, no, it certainly wasn’t.

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2 Responses to “ Tim Berners-Lee accessibility quotes ”

Comment by Weiran

Some of my favourites:

“The power of the Web is infinite, free porn straight to the desktop”

“Why would blind people be using a computer anyway?”

“Jeffrey Zeldman? Wasn’t he in ‘Blazing Saddles’?”

“On the contrary, I think the blink tag is an excellent idea!”


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