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CSS-aware graphic designer wanted

Just supposing I needed a designer to help me make a clean, modern, attractive design for a new information-heavy web site, do you know anyone?

I’ve got the layout, content and the branding, but don’t have the skill to make everything look lovely, ensure enough whitespace, and I lack the photoshop nowse to produce bullets, pullquotes, article seperators, table designs etc).

Bonus points if you can also produce the CSS rules for the indefinable loveliness that’s been added, but that’s not a deal-breaker: the client needs a CSS-aware designer rather than a coding god.

Said person should also have a good eye for choosing photography from istockphoto, morguefile etc.

I imagine it’s a couple of days work, and timescales would be short – probably immediately after the Xmas break, or (less likely) earlier than that.

Do you know anyone? Examples of previous work, and rough indication of rates are required.

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4 Responses to “ CSS-aware graphic designer wanted ”

Comment by Marco

Hey Bruce. I do know of someone. Possibly me, actually 🙂

If it’s cool, drop me a message at the provided email and I can show you what I’ve done.


Comment by Dragos

Hey, if this is not too late, send me the brief and let’s talk about it.

HTML+CSS good skills (did some sites from scratch), graphics skills very good. Available now.

Mail me and let’s get to work.


Comment by gina

Hi there Bruce
If you are still in need of an offsite graphic designer I would be happy to help you…let me know



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