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Wanted – PHP image gallery

Now I’ve got some industrial hosting, I need to make good my promise to Nongyow to put up family albums so friends overseas can marvel at our glamorous lives. So I’m seeking recommendations for some gallery software that meets these criteria:

I’m not really bothered about comments (it would be nice, but the wankers who spam me give me enough moderation to do on my blog).

Anyone got any favourites to suggest – with a link to a gallery so I can check it out, if you feel really kind?

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8 Responses to “ Wanted – PHP image gallery ”

Comment by John Oxton

I have to ask wassup with Flick? It has privacy settings and all that Jazz and there are even some back-up apps out there now… and you can get prints done from Flickr…

Comment by Bruce

Plogger looks great, as does Zenphoto: although, with the latter, it’s a shame that the individual photo+comment pages don’t validate (UTF-8 error, I think) and couldn’t find a non-beta download, but it does look nice.

Comment by Josh

Take a look at cat-scan. Customisable output, valid out of the box, PHP, no database required.

If you’re feeling like rolling your own, you could always use Flickr’s API tools so they get to host + you get to control design 😉

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