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10 May: hear me speak

I shall be pontificating on May 10 in Birmingham at a one-day training bash called “How web accessibility works in the real world”.

It’s the kind of shindig I like; evangelising practical accessibility techniques. Also there will be

Come along! It’ll be just like having sex with all of us at once, in that it’ll be great fun, good for you, you’ll be the envy of your friends and it will last all day.

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8 Responses to “ 10 May: hear me speak ”

Comment by Ian Lloyd

Hey Bruce, how come I get three dodgy photos of me and you lot only get links to your respective sites? I demand to see incriminating photos of each and every one of you otherwise I shall kitten on the hour, every hour until you comply.

I’m sure I have one or two of you tucked away somwhere, actually …

Comment by Gary

Hi Bruce…

don’t suppose you’ll be making the trip up north on Thursday for the Highland Fling?


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