Bruce Lawson's personal site to go accessible?

Cross-posted to the WaSP site, but this news was so shocking I had to check that it’s not April Fools Day yet:, the leading online retailer, and the National Federation of the Blind have entered into a cooperation agreement. will make its Web site and e-commerce platform fully accessible to the blind in collaboration with the Access Technology staff of the NFB. Full release

Now, this is almost certainly because the NFB are suing (which is “powered by Amazon”), but is nevertheless welcome news. I hope, though, that the fact NFB are leading the way doesn’t mean that it’s a single-issue revamp. Let’s hope that for two things:

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4 Responses to “ to go accessible? ”

Comment by Mo

I’m still waiting (I’ve been waiting for about a year, now) for the RNIB to explain to me why they have such a terrible web-site…

Accessibility isn’t by any means just about blind people, but even /their/ champion organisations can’t get it right. I don’t hold out much hope for anybody else, really.

Comment by Stu

I’m surprised they’ve taken so long to get to this point to be honest. I’ve always taken Amazon for granted, and it was only after looking at their source code I realised how truly horrible it is.

Surely moving to a more standards compliant layout would mean lighter code and therefore savings in terms of bandwidth?

Comment by cashinco

Stu, I agree with you. It amazes me with not only Amazon, but with a lot of these “monster” companies. With all the $$ they have, you would sure think they would focus more on their coding structure, etc. and bring in the most competent people.

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